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Moved in March, 2010, and started to immediately see black stains and crumbs on the corner of my fitted bed sheet and across my pillow. I never noticed any bites though. It took until July, 2010, before I finally realized my entire box spring, bed skirt, mattress cover and sheets were infested with bed bugs. After the first exterminator spraying they all moved to my couch. I got rid of my couch. After an exterminator sprayed and I vacuumed every week for 4 weeks I thought I was safe. But, my cat

s scratched through the expensive mattress covers that the exterminator placed on my mattresses. So, I got rid of them because the bed bugs were getting out and this time I noticed their bits all along my hairline: itchy, red, painful, bumps. This time I got rid of my mattresses and slept on an air mattress while the exterminator sprayed again for 2 weeks in a row. It's been 3 weeks since he sprayed, I haven't seen any bugs or gotten any bites. I bought new mattresses and new bed bug resistant covers on them. I put plywood underneath them so the cats can't scratch underneath and then used shipping tape all along the outside of the boxspring cover so the cats can't scratch there. I'm praying they are gone for good. I still haven't bought a new couch yet.

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