3845 Chamoune Ave
San Diego, CA 92105-2819

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March 2010 my girlfriend and I rented a unit in this complex. Unit 14. We Slowly started moving things in after work. Mostly boxes. A tenant in the complex told us we shouldn't move in because the previous tenant had a bedbug infestation. We asked the manager about it and he said there were none and that he would know if there were. We called Truly Nolan who came out and found dead bedbugs under the carpet. The manager had just sprayed for roaches so that probably killed what were currently livi

ng in the unit but it wouldnt have killed the eggs. The complex was for sale and in bad condition. We terminated our tenancy that day. I would be VERY surprised if anything was done to get rid of it. They just wanted the units rented while they tried to sell the place. AND the roaches were everywhere within a week so clearly the entire complex is infested with bugs.

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