3928 Illinois St
San Diego, CA 92104-3007

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When I rented this apt in 2008 the previous tenant had bed bugs and this information was not disclosed to me upon renting the unit. After being here for a few months I started getting bitten by something while asleep. After much complaining to the on-site manager, it was brought to my attention that the previous rented had bed bugs and the apt management considered the problem solved after doing some extermination. However the problem was not solved and over the next 6 months I was anything but

"at home" in my home. My anxiety was over the roof whenever I felt the slightest touch of covers or clothing on my skin at night. I was having panic attacks at the mere thought of getting into bed.

After about 6 poisionous visits from the bug lady, and a lot of lavender oil from my local organic market, there have not been any sightings since 2009. My main frustration was the fact that this information was withheld from me for whatever reason. Had I known of the previous history of the unit, I would not have rented here. I can only hope that in the future that it become mandatory for bed bug history to be disclosed to unsuspecting renters.

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