4086 Swift Ave
San Diego, CA 92104-2214

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there is a ongoing problem at this address, i am a tenant here and i thought people were crazy because they said they had bed bugs,and the bed bugs are everywhere now. it's true they only sprayed the back of our bldg, and there are very sick people in this bldg. you would think instead of a management company going up on your rent because you complain about roachs and severe bed buds they would do something about it instead of making everyone suffer, they have turned the tenants against each oth

er because they wont do nothing about it.and this is they way the " ELDERLY AND DISABLED PEOPLE" get treated. if we all could move we would, but were on fixed incomes and the management know's this, so were all stuck suffering. something has to be done about this, and now me to and being very clean does not stop them from invading my home, im being ate up now as well. we need legal help. please someone help us... i'm scared i will be evicted if i leave my name because thats what there doing to everyone complaining about it.

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I am a Rrsident residing on this property and these accusations are false, i dont have them,and i lived in two of these appartments in the past year. If anyone has any they brought them here from the trash they pick out the alleys and Calsur property keeps up with this bldg way better than any management company i ever dealt with. Bug control comes out regularly to make sure this type of situation does not happen.

A small apartment complex with 16 apartments. Bed bugs were reported in some of the apartments, and management treated only 4 apartments, not the rest. Now they are spreading into adjoining apartments, and the management company hung up on me today, Feb. 28, 2011, when I called to report them in my ex-husbands apartment.
The property management companies name is 'Cal Sur Management', the representative's name is Vanessa.

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