1037 Essex St
San Diego, CA 92103-3303

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i have lived in this building since 2008 and there are at least 8 known units to be severly infested with bed bugs! i reported the problem to the owner and he would not help pay for exterminatrs in fact he blamed me and said i was ruining the f-ing place!!!!! he threatend to evict me! i paid 500 dollars out of pocket only to get relief for 6 months. bed bugs returned. that is when i found out that another unit has had them for many years! then my next door neighbor came forward and said th

at he has had them for years too! the owner, as people move out continues to rent to new tenneants without exterminating and sure enough they get them too! the building manager continues to harras anyone who dares to report a bed bug! they usually end up just moving out and the cycle continues! i continue to do my own heat treatments with a blow dryer, however i have had to throw out my bed and all funriture and sleep on the floor! no one can visit me and i cannot visit anyone else in fear of bringing in bugs. my arms and ankles are scabed with bites! i also am hiv pos. and am in fear of contracting a blood diesiese. i cannot afford to move or pay for another useless chemical extermination. is there anything i can to force these slumlords to take care of the units in this building and stop them from renting to anymore innocent victims?

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