1427 Market St
San Diego, CA 92101-7315

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The 10/14/12 anonymous post is clearly the same disgruntled tenant who has had nothing better to do than to continually post slanderous comments four years after being ejected from the building. While it is absoltely true there were unseemly characters living in the building -- in or about 2008 -- (including the prior poster) and at that time the building indeed did have bed bugs, those tenants (including the prior poster)no longer live at the property, there has not once been a bed bug problem

since, the interior of the building has since been completely remodeled, and it is now home to quite a number of professionals. The prior post had to admit there are professionals who live on the premises, but went on to claim that they are on short term contracts because they are desperate. (To the extent that everyone at the property is on a month to month tenancy, it could be said that everyone is on a short term contract, but that is not the context of the poster's writings.) Nonetheless, here are the facts of some of the alleged "short term contract" professionals, and so-called "desperate" tenants who live there, as of October 2012: Medical doctor -- over 2 years. Hospital administrator -- over 3 years. Electronic Engineer -- 2 years. Securities trader -- over 2 years. This does not include the two military officers, nor the students, nor any of the other fine people living there who have lived here for over one year but under two years. If the building was in such a poor and unsanitary condition as the anonymous poster claims, these professionals would not live there, and the property would have a high vacancy. It now rarely has any vacancy. The interior is kept meticulously clean, contrary to the poster's preposterous assertions. As mentioned in one of the management's prior posts, if there becomes a vacancy, any prospective tenant is welcomed and encouraged to go to the property,speak with the present residents, and ask them what they do for a living, how long they lived there, and what they think of living at the property. Any prospective tenant will find first-hand recent descriptions from the existing residents very inconsistent with the anonymous poster's utterly ridiculous claims.

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I briefly lived here. While it is true that professionals on short term contracts often make the mistake to live here, in part because of the lack on unaffordable short-term options in the area, it is mostly inhabited by desperate people. This does not mean bad people, but a number of unseemly characters are in residence. The shared bathrooms are typically in a state of unsanitary conditions, and the presence of unseemly characters makes it a rather uncomfortable place. There are numerous pe

sts and yes, bedbugs because of the transitory nature of the typical residence and the several substance addicted individuals who are less than hygienic in their person and domiciles. As to the character of the management, it was a less than pleasant relationship and though it may be true that the manager got off on some technicalities, he misrepresents himself as a lawyer to prospective tenants and lies profusely about his professional credentials, life, and personal history and seems generally smiley. I would suggest, given the seedy nature of this place and management, poor maintenance and sanitary condition this place is in (pests, bedbugs, unhygienic kitchen, restroom, and shared facilities), and the safety concerns that arise because of the questionable characters living and managing this place, that one look elsewhere.

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Why would these professionals want to live in a low income SRO? This was written by the manager.

"The building is home to a medical doctor, an attorney, a hospital administrator, an engineer, a military officer, a couple of law students, along with other professionals."

In response to all of the posts below, it should be noted that every one of those posts were submitted by someone who had eviction proceedings commenced against them to eject them from the premises over three years ago. That person in the foregoing posts repeatedly makes two allegations -- one about the manager, and the other about the building. As to the manager, the ex-tenant mentions about a criminal proceeding, but conveniently does not mention the flurry of motions which were filed when i

t was discovered the government knowingly withheld evidence which at all times proved the manager’s innocence. Concerning the building, while it is true it had bed bugs for a short time in 2007 (along with other buildings in San Diego, including the Westgate Hotel), that problem was immediately addressed at that time and has long since been resolved. It also should be noted that the ex-tenant contacted an attorney to bring a lawsuit based upon the existence of bedbugs, but after that attorney spoke with the manager, the attorney declined to take the case. (The termination of this ex-tenant's tenancy, along with the derailing of this ex-tenant's desired lawsuit left the tenant with much animosity toward the manager.) Most importantly, since the time the ex-tenant/poster lived at the premises in 2007, the interior of the building has been remodeled, and as of the writing of this post (August 2012), the building is home to a medical doctor, an attorney, a hospital administrator, an engineer, a military officer, a couple of law students, along with other professionals. Reasonable minds could conclude if the property was as bad as this ex-tenant claims, there would not be such a high calibre of tenants living there. In this regard, if you are contemplating residing at the property, you can elect to be steered away by the comments of a disgruntled ex-tenant whose tenancy was long ago terminated and who is still taking time to post negative comments over three years after being required to leave; or you can come by, speak to the present tenants, ask them what they think about living on the premises, and see for yourself why so many professionals enjoy living at this property.

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Say away from this place. Here are the details on the manager of the Home Run Hotel......

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, February 26, 1999


SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - Special agents of the U.S. Customs Service, intensifying their investigation into a National City man who was indicted last week in San Diego for possession and transportation of child pornography over the Internet, are asking victims or other individuals with informa

tion concerning the case to come forward immediately.

Customs investigators have established a hotline to enable victims and others with information to leave confidential messages. The number is (619) 744-7366. Agents want to contact local victims as soon as possible to identify the totality of local victims and to assist them in obtaining any counseling services they require.

Paul Blazevich, 39, a self-employed real estate developer and part time martial arts instructor, was indicted on February 17 by a San Diego federal grand jury on 37 counts of international transportation and possession of child pornography over the Internet.

Blazevich surrendered to federal authorities on February 18 and was arraigned before Magistrate Judge John A. Houston.

Judge Houston found that Blazevich constituted a danger to the community and ordered that he be held in custody without bail. In making that determination, Judge Houston found that Blazevich had stored on his personal computer thousands of images and movies depicting children under the age of 18 engaged in sexually explicit conduct, approximately half involving prepubescent children.

Judge Houston also voiced concern about photographs and computer images in Blazevich's possession that depicted individuals who were nude and appeared to be unconscious.

A team of Customs special agents trained in computer forensics examined the computers following the serving of a search and seizure warrant on Blazevich's National City home on September 1, 1998. Agents recovered approximately 33,000 pornographic images and movies involving children engaged in sexually explicit activities.

Under federal law, it is illegal to produce, transmit, possess or sell images of children engaged in such acts, either in print or electronic forms.

If tried and convicted, Blazevich faces the possibility of 15 years in federal prison for the transmitting of the pornographic images over the Internet and five years for the possession of the child pornography.

The San Diego investigation is part of an international effort coordinated by the U.S. Customs CyberSmuggling Center in Sterling, Virginia, along with Customs field offices in 22 states and police agencies in 14 countries.

TV NEWS EDITORS: File video of the original National City search and seizure warrant being served is available by calling 557-5772. A representative of the Office of Investigations, 185 W. F Street, is available for comment/interview today (Feb. 26th) until 4 p.m.

# # # #

Report Drug Smuggling to 1-800-BE-ALERT

Contact: Vince Bond @ (619) 557-5772.

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infested by roaches and managed by a pedophile--http://cbp.gov/hot-new/pressrel/1999/0226-00.htm
He tries to pretend to be a lawyer. Hes just a con artist. Stay away, stay FAR away

I had heard that the building was cleaned up, but I guess it never happened.

The manager(s) are Paul Blaze (Blazevich) and Ron McClain. Ron is an alcoholic and Paul Blaze has a criminal past.

Why would you want to rent a room here?

This complex has bedbugs and roaches. Further, the "building manager" has a criminal history involving serious sex crimes and fraud, a simple Google search of his name brings up his torrid and disgusting criminal history. Why the owner would allow such a person to have access to the rooms and represent them I have no idea. Do not live here--it is more dangerous IN the building than outside of it.

Has been declared a historical building with or without the bedbugs........

Bebugs and alcoholics, a great place to live!

This is an SRO - the Home Run Hotel. They rent to anyone and everyone who shows up at the door with the cash. Alcoholics are prevalent, and so are the bedbugs. They crawl the walls at night, along with biting people. Two lawsuits filed so far.

You DON'T want to live here!

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