901 F St
San Diego, CA 92101-6515

Found 3 reports:

I moved in the Peach Tree Inn. Which use to be a good move when you are in a slump. But I got bit the first night, complained to manager, and they sprayed that day, but three days later the bugs were
back and I was bit real bad. I managed to be able to rid them myself for about $30.00. The Peachtree Inn is infested with bed bugs and roaches, and the owner of this building needs to get real and fix the problem or get rid of the building.

Bedbugs have been at this location (The Peacht ree Inn) for about 5 years. Management is a joke. Quite incompetent. They were alerted when first found and did nothing. Which is their usual policy about anything. Boiler went out months ago. They replaced it with something that only produces 109 degree water (warm at best). Needs to be at least 130 degrees to kill bedbugs.


This place is infested. The owners need to be held responiable. It has gotten worse over the last year. Management has no idea how to treat the problem. The pest control service is a joke. They did my room 3 times and I still had them.I finally moved out.Was not a good experience at all.

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