950 9th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101-6415

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The management at this place lies if they say no one else is complaining about the problem. They treated our apartment twice, we complained in July, and we moved out this month because we couldn't get rid of them. Had to get rid of so much stuff. The manager admitted he knew about problems in adjacent apartments. They're lying to you. LIES!

My husband moved into this place in Feb 2010. My son and I just relocated here in July. We are in the military and are used to moving place to place. This is our first encounter with bedbugs ever. My husband was aware of the bedbugs when he first moved in because he is in the medical field and know exactly what they look like. He notified management, but nothing has ever been done. Management just says that they don't have anyone else in the building complaining about the bed bugs. It's m

ainly my son and I that get eaten alive. I have tried to remedy the situation myself with Diatomaceous Earth, rest easy repellent, and just plain old bed bug killer. I have a powder perimeter should work for the fleas too. So far the killer spray is just pissing them off and they are coming out during the day so I gather them up and spray them again. I have gotten most of them from my 2 year son's bed so we are forced to all sleep together. This place is old and dirty, so I know they have to have bed bugs but just aren't noticing them. Not only that but we have fleas as well with no carpet this is hard to believe. I know they piggy back on our clothes from the carpeted hallways that look like they haven't been vacuumed since 1914. All I know is that we are moving to a new apartment in 10 days and I couldn't be happier. I am going to be throwing bed and mattress out of my son's since his was infested and shows signs with the refuse. Our larger bed will bed taken apart and liberally sprayed with killer and cleaned. All clothes are going to the cleaners and everything washable will be washed. I have to get rid of all the rugs because of the fleas and bedbugs. I also was riding in my car the other day and had one attached to my dress out in public so they are getting everywhere from this nasty place. Please don't move here.

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My sister and I moved into a studio in this building and about a week later I started finding bites all over my body and they were extremely itchy and started to even look like lyme disease at one point. I went to the emergency room because of it and the doctors said it was bedbugs and not ticks. My sister and I brought everything we owned up to another apartment in the same building after having severely washed everything. We were fine for a while and now I'm getting bitten again. I'm an insomn

iac as it is but it's hard to work a full time job without having any sleep because you're completely paranoid about bugs.

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My boyfriend recently moved into an apartment here, and started waking up with bites. Apparently the property manager said that a tenant somewhere in the building brought home a piece of infested furniture, and they've been dealing with the problem on-and-off ever since. They mentioned none of this to him before he signed the lease, sadly. They've called pest control once, but the problem is still there, at least for now.

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