927 6th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101-6205

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I have lived in two of the apartments in this building (long story) and both have been invested. When confronted the manager said that we had brought them. Wrong. Never had bed bugs before this place. Second apartment there they were even worse. He insisted on treating the place the next day basically saying to drop all my obligations to prepare and then said I OWED HIM $70. I didn't bring any bugs and I didn't have $70 laying around. Great place to live when you have no money as long as you don

't mind waking up to hundreds of bed bugs and bed bug bites every morning.

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Michael Franklin manager of these lofts ripped me off for 250.00 Iput down as a deposit to hold a unit until it became available. He misled me by not telling me that I would be obligated to stay 9mo. He made no mention of any time obligation at all verbally and it wasn't until I got home and read the reservation agreement that I had any clue he wanted me to sign a 9mo. Lease. This was 6-23-11 the unit was to be available.July 1st . I was due to pay the 1st month rent then. I went there on the 1s

t and I told him I didn't want to obligate to a lease and asked him why he failed to tell me this before I left the deposit,he said we discussed this I asked you how long you planned to stay and you said 9mo. I told him I was planning to wed in Oct. And the loft was too small. He asked how often my girl would be coming over. I told him 2-3 times wk. He said, "that's too much ". And commented that he didn't think he wanted to rent to me because of my apprehension.
I haven't seen a penny of that money back. A couple wks ago he said he was mailing a check. No check came. Close to 3 wks later my phone calls go to voice mail then ignored I have even made several visits to the property personally but he don't come to the door. I work hard for my money and don't like being taken by a shady,misleading dishonest.business that preys on people that are just doing what they can to put a roof over their head. Stay away from "Historical Beaumanor"
Its crooked business practices will do more.bloodsucking than the pets they provide. Either way both are bloodsucking parasites!!!!!

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i moved into this complex in april and have been having recurring issues with bedbugs. for the first two months i was not sure if i was getting bit at work or at home or what then more recently the problem escalated to where we had to get rid of our furniture, carpets and clean and bag everything because it is seething with bedbugs. we have hundreds if not thousands of bedbugs in our mattress and crawling out of the floorboards. iit is absolutely duisgusting and the landlord lied about the issue

when moving in. we asked specifically about bugs and any possible infestations and he said no. i contacted him about the infestation once i realized what it was and he is having an exterminator address the issue but refused to make other tennants aware of the issue. today i sprayed chemicals for the bugs and tommorow we begin treatment but the issue is that we were lied to from the start because all of my neighbors have bedbugs and have had issues for alot longer than i have lived here.

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