1605 9th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101-2870

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Rented loft for 3.5 weeks in October 2008 at 1605 9th Ave. San Diego, 92109 from Oct 6 - 30. although, I had to leave prior to the term due to the bedbugs. Landlord was supposed to be on vacation and allowing me full use of the loft but suspiciously entered unit each day and \"cleaned\" the bed. After two weeks she stopped coming into the unit and the bedbugs proceeded to bite me each night. It was not until 2 visits to urgent care and a dermatologist that I found out what was going on. Once

diagnosed with the bits I went back to the loft and I pulled off the sheets of the bed and the Bed bugs were prevalent and were crawling on the mattress. The bugs were adults according to online descriptions as they were solid brown and large enough to see. They were crawling around the sides of the mattress in broad daylight, which indicates that this was an existing and ongoing problem. Once I figured out what was happening it became obvious that the \"landlord\" had to know ahead of time.

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