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when we moved here on december 31st we were in a rush so we told them we didnt need them to clean the apartment, and that we would do it. The bedroom is the only place with carpet and we dont have a vacuum, but we were in such a hurry we didnt care. Big mistake. We started noticing that we were getting welt like bites, but my roommate and i are really allergic to dustmites and i have dermotagraphia so we didnt think it was a big deal and that it would pass. We were wrong. The bites kept coming,

i went to my dr and she said the bites didnt look like bed bug bites, because we dermatographia makes them really welt up, she thought maybe it was mosquito bites. The bites starting getting worse within the last month so we were fed up and reported to management. The weird thing is, neither my roommate nor i have seen anything until recently. We have looked for them and found nothing. 2 wks ago we started seeing blood smears in our sheets and we knew we had bed bugs. management sent pest control and they sprayed everything down. We are washing everything and throwing stuff out. Time will only tell if the chemicals work.

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