6545 Simpson Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91606-2410

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from April til June, my husband and i were bit numerous times., finally went to the doctor and found out BED BUGS!!!, management freaked out and we spent several thousand dollars to clean our clothing (dry cleaning), 3 separate times., and the landlords still asked for their rent. SLUMLORDS!!!!!

cockaroaches in the apartments to the south side of building., confirmed by four different tenants., and management does nothing but blames tenants.

3/17/11 apartment 8. We have confirmed with apartment 10 who used to live in apt 8 that there have been bedbug issues here since 09. Management did not sufficiently treat, only once to be exact. Then they have the nerve to try and charge us $500 for the extermination. We spoke to the building's pest control company who have been servicing this building for 20 years and they confirmed that they only treated once. Even pest control recommends a minimum of 3 treatments. I also noticed a disc

arded mattress and couch from another unit. I would stay away from these slumlords. We only moved in one month ago :(

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