7500 Laurel Canyon Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91605-3148

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This property has pest control issues. Specifically roaches.
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health has been notified several times about this recurring issue. The inspector has voiced their concern about this matter however no major action has taken place to resolve this matter.
This property has too many filthy tenants that do not care about keeping the property clean in a orderly manner. Most of the time, more than half of the tenants almost always trash the property with g

arbage and all other related materials. If it's not the tenants themselves, it's their minor unattended children that are almost always trashing the property day after day.

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I had been hearing for the past 2 years now that many people had been getting bed bugs, but really didn't think anything of it. i didn't even know what they were, but about a month ago i started getting these weird bumps that looked like rashes and i immediately thought it was bed bugs because almost everyone in this building has reported to having them, and sure enough they were. We have been doing everything we can to get rid of them because I get bit almost every night. I believe that there i

s an infestation in this building and they really need to do something about it!

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This is the apartment building in wich we have live for the the last 8 years, a year and a half ago we found out that we had bed bugs in our apartment....we have gotten rid of them for the most part, although we do find one or two once in a while evrytime we clean up...

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