11109 Otsego St
North Hollywood, CA 91601-3809

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Woke up with what appeared to be mosquito bites on legs and elbows out of nowhere. Significant other did not have any bites or marks but this isn't common; sometimes only one person gets bitten and other times both do but only one reacts that way. At 1st we thought they might be spider bites but there were too many to come from one spider. Investigated the mattress and boxspring but didn't see anything. Washed and bagged a few loads of clothes just to be safe, and slept on it one mor

e night--woke up with only one new bite which means they are probably young and not adults who can eat more for a sustained period of time. Also, the fact that we couldn't really see them might mean they are young as well. We're having an exterminator come on Saturday so we have time to wash and bag/seal up the rest of our clothes.

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