4421 W Kling St
Burbank, CA 91505-3751

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Mid-May 2008: I woke up one day and had 4-6 bites on each arm. I thought they were mosquitos until I started to do some research and discovered that my bites were that of bedbugs. My suspicions were confirmed when I came home one night and saw an engorged bb sitting at my electrical outlet in a bedroom and I killed it. A PCO came out the next business day and confirmed I had them (found one on my boxspring). I hadn\'t been bitten since they came for an estimate (no treatment) but following

treatment I got one bite and freaked out.

My apt manager has been ok so far in getting a PCO to come out and treat the situation (and pay for it of course). Waiting to see how long it takes and if I will truly be bb free.

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