13572 Rye St
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-3156

Found 3 reports:

My neighbor here have lingered on NY hotel and beds and brought the bugs to it to the Sherman Oaks.
Obviously bed bugs has to do with your personal manner of hygiene before anything else.
The manager of the property talk to us and none of us has problems now. He changed the carpet to wood-floor (best for avoiding the bugs) obviously he could not throw away the tenant bed and furniture. I take care of my place doing a monthly minimal invasive fumigation.

Bed bugs present in unit 6 ,tenant moved out, carpet was ripped out but residence was not refumigated. Sept,2010.
Now august 2011 and bugs have resurfaced. One unit fumigated, landlord refusal to fumigate all units. Problems will continue

Neighbors have reported bed bugs in their apartments.

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