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This is an update on my previous post. I got the Allerzip Mattress Protectors for my mattress and boxspring and put them on my bed about a week after it was sprayed. I slept in my room for the first night and woke up with bites all over. I called my landlord on a Sunday and he said he would get an exterminator over as soon as possible. Its been four days and he isn't returning my phone calls. Apparently he doesn't realize the problem gets worse and harder to deal the longer you put it off.

I'll will keep posting until the problem is taken care of.

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I moved in to my apartment approximately 3 months ago. I started waking up with what I thought was just mosquito bites almost every morning. I just ignored them because I leave my sliding glass door open all the time to get a breeze throught the apartment. I then left for a week on vacation and the morning after I got back from vacation, I woke up with so many bites on my feet and hands that they were swollen. Thats when I knew something was wrong and stripped my bed apart and found 5 adult b

ed bugs. I called my landlord immediately, he claims they've never had them in the complex at all. It took 4 days before a exterminator came out. After they sprayed the apartment, I went back in and it only looked to me like they did my bedroom and no where else. I've slept in my apartment two nights now and I haven't been bit. I hope they don't come back, but just in case I've posted on this website.

I want to make it clear that I don't know if the apartment had the bugs before I moved in or not. I did rent a Uhaul to move, and I could have picked them up there. Also, I was traveling on and off during the period that I had bed bugs and I very well could have brought them in.

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