5525 Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91411-3438

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This is long overdue. Last March 2010 I put my boyfriend's sister up at this Motel. Previous to this, I'd placed a few music artists there, having to do with our business. There had never been a problem before.

When his sister checked out, she brought her luggage here and asked if she could leave one bag here and could I send it to her someday as she had too much stuff. No problem. It was first in my room then it got moved to a front hall closet. I never gave it another thought.

In June

I got a bite on the back of my neck but totally thought it was, you know...a mosquito. As the days went by I started getting more on my back, a few on my chest and then my arms. I hit the computer and did my research. BED BUGS...WHAAAA?

I called Terminex, they're a joke. Started treatment with my regular exterminators. The guy and I spent hours going through everything with a jewelers loop, flashlights etc. We pulled back the carpeting, took off wall plates, went through every seam in my clothing, my shoes, turned the furniture upside down and checked the screws and joints. We did find sheddings in the front closet. Before my "bug man" came to my house I threw out my box spring and mattress because I'd found nymphs (?) in the box spring. We never found any live bugs. What about the suitcase you ask? Well, we opened it and in the lining of a coat were 2 fat dead ones with blood spots. My exterminators came out 3x in about 2 months. They'd spray with 'Onslaught" (just found that instead of making them sterile it actually helps them proliferate) and some other stronger stuff. I'd be ok for a week or two then get a bite or two. It is a low level infestation. I hand steamed the carpet twice, used DE, peppermint spray, got state of art matress covers for my new bed set. Still have trouble. Now I'm working with another company. They are using a totally new approach. Sealing off closets and tenting furniture with gas strips, mixing alpine with DE and foaming with Radon. Also using a Co2 pheromone trap. wish me luck. My boyfriend sleeps in another room and has never been bitten. I'm sleeping in my grand babies room and have not been bitten there.

But it all started from the Carriage Inn...

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