333 E Fairview Ave
Glendale, CA 91207-1913

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In September 2012, we discovered a bed bug infestation in the bedroom of our apartment. We'd lived here for 3 years without incident so we were very surprised to find bed bugs, since this complex is very clean and the management sprays for bugs regularly.

After about a month of having mysterious bites on our arms, which we attributed to mosquitos as it was summer and we'd since quote a few around the building. After many remedies and types of traps, to no avail, we bought a mosquito net tryin

g to keep the pests at bay, not realizing what we were dealing with. Luckily, a bed bug was caught in the mosquito net which I promptly caught with tweezers and put into a zip-loc bag for identification. After a quick search, it was clear that we had a bed bug infestation, but it seemed we had caught it early.

After doing a thorough examination of our bedroom, we found them only living in our headboard, which was an ideal hiding spot as it was fabric. We threw it away to rid ourselves of the bed begs. We also washed all our sheets, pillows, bedding, etc. in hot water and dried them to kill any remaining bugs. We also vacuumed every inch of our apartment very thoroughly.

We alerted the management the next day of our discovery and they arranged for a pest control company to come out and spray for the bed bugs. The manager was not surprised, as they had spray our next-door neighbors' apartment a couple months prior for bed begs. These neighbors had moved from out of the country recently and had in all likelihood, brought the bugs with them. The pest control man told us they're apartment was filthy and they had done nothing to manage the pest problem.

After our apartment was sprayed, we put diatomaceous earth (a natural pest killer) all along the baseboards. We also put our bed legs and bedside table legs in plastic cups, to which we also added the diatomaceous earth, in an effort to keep the bugs from coming back. We also filled in all holes and gaps in the baseboards and walls to block the bugs from returning.

We've been bed bug free for over 2 months, but will be moving in a month. We don't want to continue fighting this losing battle, as our neighbors continue to live in filth,

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April 2008- Various tenants have reported bed bug problems at the Elpatio apartments at 333 E Fairview Ave, Glendale , CA.

It is understood that Management is helping the tenants with the pest control. But issues with cost to the tenants cause many not to report the infestation to the landlord. They try to control the problem themselves.

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