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Thank you so much for your response. I have retained an attorney as you read and we filed a lawsuit with 7 case actions. The apartment continues to blame us and the couch we bought 4 months before these little critters showed up. I am afraid that they are just digging themselves into a deeper hole, the management company that is. That's fine with me. These guys are in biiiiiiiig trouble and should be getting served with the lawsuit here in the next day or two.
The core of the infest

ation or, colony, if you will, I believe is in the walls. We do not have a full infestation in our unit specifically but they could be just on the other side of the sheet rock or under the floorboards. Either way I can not wait to see what these fools have to say in court. They have been operating under fictitious and alter egos, there is illegal verbage in their lease along with numerous health code violations both county and city municipal.
I myself have been out of the apartment for over a month now but my pops has no choice and has been forced to live with this. They also demanded that we pay rent or he will be evicted along with calling me a nuisance in the building and that I have been harassing other tenants. Well if that's what they want to consider, then again I am fine with that. All I did was let my neighbors know what's going on because they wouldn't. Again that is my freedom of speech and they just crushed that as well.
Bottom line, Ming Management is going down in flames and this is going to be big news in the city of Glendale. Can't wait to finally get some retribution for the way we have been treated. And the fact that my father is living with a, terminal in most cases, disability is going to play a HUGE factor in our case. The manager is and has been aware of my fathers condition from the day he moved in.

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Joshua, one more thing.. i live in Colorado and can you believe that they are now making leases that they make us sign that say they are not responsible if we get bed bugs and that we are responsible to pay for other units should we get them. crazy... anyway, call your mayor's office. try to see if a law can be passed that makes apartments have to tell you if they had bed bugs there in the building or your unit before they rent it to you. i actually made the one i am do this and i made them

sign a paper stating there were no bed bugs in my unit before i would sign the lease. and i refused to sign the bed bug addendum making them not responsible. they did it and still rented to me with my request. it didn't really assure me, but it made me feel a little better. and i've been here 4 months, no bed bugs. don't feel afraid to do this at the next place that you move to, if they wont do it dont rent there.

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this is for Joshua, i feel the stress that you are going through. I do not live in Calif., but i experienced bedbugs in 2007 and did get rid of them. let me please give you some advice and please listen. You can't keep sleeping in other locations or you will for sure spread them. to get rid of them, you must take evrything you own and wash all of your clothes and dry them for an hr. after you do that put ALL of your clothes in sealed plastic bags. dont wear clothes that are not dome like

this, dont put anyuthing on your bed. get rid of your bed. get rid of your furniture. i know it sounds harsh and expensive but i did this. then get a good company to treat. but dont move anywhere until you make sure that everything you won is put in plastic and only after you wash the clothes. other items like book, throw away. throw away your computer and tv too. get all new stuff. this is how i got rid of them and it took moving twice and 6 months and doing this. after u rid of them, live a little differently. you dont have to be paranoid, but always look at the bottem of your shoes, before going inside, when traveling in hotels put your lugggage in plastic trash bags when there. then wash all clothes right when u get home and very important VACUUM often! good luck. but please know that everytime you sleep at a friend's place you do risk spreading them there to their place and that would be very unfortunate for them if u did that. best of luck to you, bed bugs are horrible, i know..

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All of our evidence has been submitted to our attorney. Can't wait to see what happens next. I've been taking pictures of everything from the 3 dumpsters we filled up to the eights eggs, or so called "casings" on our walls and ceiling.

I just can't wait to start getting these people under the hot seat only to watch them stumble on their own words.

No one should EVER be treated like this by these official organizations that are here to protect our rights and way of living.

8/29: 4:24pm. Ahhh, what a feeling of relief and complete validation. My attorney has been retained on a contingency. Mum is the word so I'll leave this at that.

Terminex, they were supposed to be at our place between 9am and 1pm today for their second time around and they just got there at 3:45pm. Guessing management decided they'd change the time ranges on their own will. Apparently, we are also the only 1/7 units being being sprayed for a second time. Just ours . . . are you kidding me? An

yway, I proceeded to point out, to the Terminex guys, some of the evidence that the supervisor from the California department of Health was pointing out, eggs, excrament, etc and the Terminex goes "No, those aren't eggs." I said are you kidding me? He goes, "Nope they are casings!" WTF is a casing? Wouldn't a casing be the same friggen thing??? He's like, "Nope." I said couldn't this be a newer, perhaps evolved species? And he looked at me like I was off my rocker. Like there's NO POSSIBLE way these could be different then the bedbugs from the 30s, 40s, and 50s that apparently survived D.D.T. and was banned 20 + years ago! Naw, no way possible right? Cuz NOTHING evolves or becomes immune to old methods right?

I can't wait till some one says to ok dude, here's your chance to to justt get it all out the way you want without having to worry if I raise my voice or get emotional or wtf ever!!Just make sure there is a case of beer and a pack of smokes when ya do cuz I got THAT long!

Really though, I am bewildered by how ignorant, egotistical, belittling, and mismanaged all parties involved have been. This is THEIR JOBS and god forbid they are, in my mind OPEN to RATIONAL POSSIBILITY, but in theirs they would be WRONG and that would make them look bad - boo effin who, to the possibility that maybe the little guy isn't so little, and might actually know something, instead of treating everyone like they don't know shit because, Oh I'm the professional and you're the tenant, or civilian, or not an expert in entomology, therefore, your word, in the everyday world, means nothing!"

Either way keep your eyes on Cali because we will be the forefront on this battle. I promise you that!

Time to go get a hotel room again and sleep like a baby.

And btw, Pismo beach was awesome! Took my mind off of everything for a bit!

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8:23pm Last entry, brain no work right when stress under. Its been hectic let me tell you, but I thought, if only for my own purposes, I would write down how this week has ended and where things sit, in my mind at least.

1) Ming Management: I have a feeling this management company is completely screwed. I have been told that this is a text book case. After the Ladies from the California Department of Health left I noticed that some flyers had taped to all of the tenant's doors. It was from a

lawyer advertising his services for people who are living with bed bugs. I can only assume that they have been keeping an eye on this website or something. Naturally I called and within two hours the attorney called me back. I went through the last week's event in as little time as I could. He proceeded to tell me that this is exactly his forte. He was real, he was DOWN, and he knows exactly what we are going through from our initial concern, to management calling the cops on me, all the way down to the other tenants who are scared to step up and say something. My father and I have an appointment on Monday at 11am at this attorney's office in Beverly Hills.

2) The Glendale Police Department: The more I think about that cop that was berating my father with his scare tactics and so called matter-of-fact knowledge of the law, the more it urks me. And when a high powered attorney tells you to call the watch commander then you know some thing is very wrong. I've never seen my father as frightened as he was, nor have I ever seen him buckle so easily. My father called in to the watch commander after I did, and we are now in contact with HALSA: The HIV and AIDS Legal Services Alliance and my father has an appointment with them on September 6th as well. Again, we have never used his illness as a crutch but I saw it with my own eyes. I'm glad to say that he has been able to stomach his meds and is veering towards his normality again.

3) The California Department of Health: For some reason or another the woman who came last week called today asking if I still wanted to file a complaint, or something. Apparently her supervisor was on the line as well and stepped in when I started getting a little heated yet again. I went on with the same thing I have been telling everyone that I talk to. She said ok, Mr. Streeter are you available today?" I said yes. "Are you available right now?" I said yes. She was packing up her stuff and she was on her way. First thing I thought was, find a living bedbug; and by some miracle, there one was, right on my dad's wall behind the t.v.. Amazing! They came in and the supervisor immediately started to point out hatched eggs along the ceiling and excrement on the walls before she even got to the live one. It was appalling that the first lady did not even LOOK for anything like that. After they left my dad told me that the first time around the first "inspector" lady pretty much turned in her tracks when he showed her the bugs we had captured, that she didn't INSPECT the apartment the way her supervisor did today. Absolutely ridiculous!

I thank god that we have finally found some one who WANTS to hear our case. On top of that this new lawyer knew the original lawyer I was in contact with. The one that, validated all my frustration by confirming everything I had done was WELL within my rights, advised me to call the Glendale Police's watch commander, and that she would take the case if I could get 9 other tenants to get on board. He said oh yeah I know her, she's a great person!

I just received a call from my father while writing this that the building maintenance guy who lives under us delivered a letter saying that they are coming to spray again on Monday. Again I do not think they realize that we could possibly be dealing with a new hybrid species of bed bug. Spray away Ming, spray away. You are to little to late I am afraid.

Off to Pismo Beach tomorrow morning for a fun relaxing half a weekend of camping. I can't wait to just lay on the beach, kick back with my friends and crack a cold one and start to enjoy life again!

Until Monday, I'm out.

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12:31pm I walked outside to get some air and I noticed some new letters posted on every single apartments doors. It was for a law office and advertising that they deal with bedbugs. Naturally I called them right away and I was being transfered to the attorney's voice mail I watched our manager and our maintenance guy WHOSE APARTMENT IS INFESTED AS WELL, walk around and take the letters off of everyone's doors. I was leaving a voice mail for the attorney right at that moment and I told them that

I am watching management take down the letters as I am leaving this message! Since yesterday this is getting bigger and bigger. I cant wait to watch this place pay for what they have been forcing their residence to live with and all the psychological distress that leaving with an infestation of ANYTHING can cause.

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12:08pm: California department of health for some reason called me back today after their botched inspection and the inspector's supervisor came with this time, in less than an hour after talking to her on the phone. As our luck seems to be changing there was a live bug on my dad's wall which is exactly what they needed to see. The supervisor pointed EGGS out to us on our ceilings. So they went and talked to the manager rjust a few minutes ago and now we wait again to see what happens. I just do

n't understand why this didnt happen the first time around. My dad said that when the first lady came, who was here today, she saw our little collection and would hardly come into the apartment where as her supervisor walked all the around each room with a flash light. FINALLY some REAL REAL help!

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8/26, 9:55am: Well the lawyer I had been getting some basic advice from has a $10k retainer fee that I ALONE, AS ONE UNIT complaing, would have to deposit into a trust for the lawyer. But she also said if I can get 10 units to sign on that she will take the case. Well that's not going to happen. My letter to the tenants was ineffective so far. The units that I KNOW are infested are scared and will not come forward. That's to bad because there are 7 of them with bed bugs and 1 with cockroaches th

at I know of for sure. that's 8/10 but they wont stand up with me. I just don't understand.

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8/25: After speaking with one of my neighbors today I found out he's paid our management company almost $2,000.00 to exterminate a cockroach infestation they have been living with for over two years, and they are still infested. Not only that, but they have been trying to self exterminate the roaches, and have been hiding and disposing the empty bottles in their car. I was absolutely stunned and could not understand how they haven't done anything more about this, and god knows how many other peo

ple are doing the same thing.

Today I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to Kinkos and printed out 90 letters that I wrote to the tenants trying to educate them and ask them to stand up with me to fight for our rights. I spent almost $30.00 printing these letters out. I managed to get away with slipping these letters under the doors of my building. I was leery about the other building, because that's where the manager's office is, and she lives in the apartment right next door. I'm pretty sure I got most of her building. Then as I got to her door I saw a pile of my letters sitting on a metal table our side of her apartment. She had been following me, opening the doors with her keys and pulling letters out. Now, I don't know if she just took them from the empty units, but if not, she just broke the law on numerous accounts by entering tenants apartments without notice. Not to mention that I saw her showing yet ANOTHER apartment today right next door to the people who have been living with the cockroaches no less. Also found out that our neighbors and friends couple apartments down are paying $200.00 less a month than we are and their apartment is twice as nice!! This is an absolute travesty. Anyway, back on point. So I rustled a few feathers when the manager was showing the apartment. got a little loud and vocal to let that person know that she doesn't want to move in here.

So i go back to my dad and were sitting outside and then he looks at me and says, "Oh sh*t here come the cops." Yeah, you got it. the MANAGER called the cops on ME! But yet I called them the other day and they said they can't do anything for us. Again, an absolute travesty. Anyway I proceed to tell the cops whats been going on. I tell them I have a RIGHT to do this. This is how lawsuites starts. This is how you ban together. THIS IS MY RIGHT. Two out of the three cops were right there with me, one of them even said, "Wow, that's a very well written letter." Then I hear the third cop, who went straight for my dad and had been talking to him while I was talking to these other guys. He asked me to come over, so naturally I did. He was apparently telling my dad that since Im not on the lease that I could be I am implicating my father and could get him into serious trouble and he could be put in jail. My fathe ris a 56 year old man who has been living with HIV for the last 24 years he or I do not use his illness as a crutch in any way shape or form but this time I saw it happen. My father felt sick, kept vomiting up his pills, the whole works, from being scared by this cop. He really and truly couldn't help it. So after I walk over to them this cop began telling me that what I am doing is illegal, that it is NOT my right to be heard, that this was private property and that since I am not on the lease that I could be getting him into serious trouble. The cop asked me what made me start this whole letter business and I told that I had been doing research on recent lawsuits of slumlords and roaches and bedbugs, that I have gone to these atorney's websites and read about how people began their lawsuits and got people to stand up against the slumlords. So comes off with, "Man, you can't believe everything you read online." OOOOOOOh man that was it, I got sooooooo heated and was ready to explode on this idiot. But I knew I couldn't blow other wise I'd be sitting in a cell festering and unable to do NOTHING. My father fell right into the officers scare tactics or what ever he was trying to do and started telling me to stop, be quiet,calm down, listen to him, there's rules, you have to play by the rules. I couldn't believe it. This is my GOD GIVEN RIGHT! FREEDOM OF SPEACH IF NOTHING ELSE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. So I proceeded to as ask my father to please be quiet. Then the cop says, "Excuse me you don't talk to your father like that." OH MY GOD?? REALLY? I said, "ya know what officer you have no idea what our personal relationship is like so you don't tell me how deal with my pops." He proceeded to tell me to quit whining and be a MAN and everything that came out of this officers mouth was just utter uneducated milarky! I was appalled and felt absolutely helpless yet again. So after the cops left I pretty much said fine dad if you want to believe that crap then you're on your own. I grabbed my clean laundry, hopped in my car and took off.

Ok now, while I was driving I remembered that, as I was being fed a whole lot of b.s. by this Glendale police officer, I had let an incoming call on my cell phone go to voice mail. So I checked it and there was a message from the lawyer I had been trying to contact since last Friday. She said in the voice mail that she has been getting calls to her office saying that I have been talking to her and that she told me that I was acting on her advice. Well,I had copied some info from this lawyers website and included it in my letter, along with a link. I SPECIFICALLY wrote in the letter that I am trying to get in contact with this lawyer but she has been in court and trial and I have not actually spoken to her. I immediately called her back and introduced myself and told her this right away and she says, "Oh OK well then that's fine." I was so relieved you have no idea! So the first thing I told her was that the management company had just called the cops on me for slipping letter under the neighbor's doors. She says, "WHAT?" I re-confirmed. She told me that when we hang up the phone to call the watch commander with the Glendale Police department and tell them what this cop had told you. She told me that I was well within my right and that this is EXACTLY how you shake things up with slumlords! And whether I am on the lease or not makes no difference what so ever! I asked her if I can now use her name and say that I am working on her advice and she said yes. Both my father and I called the watch commander individually. I wanted them to hear from my dad what this did to him physically.

SO I have not retained this lawyer yet but she is now advising me. We will be meeting in the next week or so to go over the case. She told me that I now have her cell number and to call her if anything else comes up before we can meet. FINALLY a small victory for the little guys! I am so relieved to have some power backing us now and this management company has no idea what's about to hit them!

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It's me again. Guess I'll just use this as a log as to what's going on at 1435 Stanley Avenue in Glendale, CA 91203.

Needless to say the fun continues. Last Friday a lady from the California Department of Health came to inspect our apartment. My father showed her the bugs that we collected throughout our apartment and I found out today that she didn't write that there was evidence of bedbugs, NOR did she inspect any of the other apartments, AND she said that our immediate building manager sa

id we were the only ones affected, yet two other apartments in our building and four in the other were treated! The guys from Dewy made their recommendations and Terminex came yesterday (Monday) and sprayed the three units in our building affected; our unit, next to us, and below us in which the building maintenance guy lives with his family - the guy who is in A LOT of apartments - everyday! The other 4 units that were treated were in the OTHER BUILDING as well, my father confirmed this with the Terminex guys.

So the lady from the CDoH dropped the ball. My father said she did not even look around once she saw the captured bugs. They say they can't use CAPTURED bugs as evidence . . . um are you kidding me people? You think I collected these for my health? Well guess what I DID! I sure as hell am not going to leave them there . . . seriously I thought, WTF is wrong with these people??

I resorted to calling the Glendale Police department. By this time I am at witt's end. Again, they said they can't help us and to call the Department of Health. Round and ROUND we go.

In the end I got nothing but, we can't do anything, they sprayed the apartment right? No one is understanding that this is BEYOND these affected apartments. How do you think they travel from one apartment to another? WALL, INSULATION, PIPES,EVERYWHERE. I've read of them coming out of DRAINS! I am afraid that this is worse than they realize when multiple units are affected. They are trying to heal a broken arm with an improvised field bandage.

No one in our building is doing anything about this. I am the only one standing up for us renters. Its like they are jsut accepting because they think they have to, or their scared, or something. I can't understand it??

I have been living and sleeping, half the time so far, out of my car. Been staying at a few friend's place, those that let me. Its been a week now since I have stayed in that apartment; which by the way we threw almost EVERYTHING out over the weekend and got it ready to spray. None of the other affected apartments did half of what we did to get it ready for Terminex . . . again I don't understand what is going on here.

I have read up so much on these things its ridiculous. I know more than anyone should ever have to know about these things and we nipped our apartment in the butt, for now at least.

And finally, I am exhausted. Utterly and completely wiped out mentally. I have never had to deal with ANYTHING this stressful in my entire life. I'd rather be back in boot camp than have my life turned upside down like this. I have been segregated from my family, most friends, and lost my brand new job today as the bugs not only get into your stuff but they get into your head and they infest your brain ten fold. I did not have time to focus on this problem with a BRAND new job where time off was not an option nor did I have time to focus on our uprooted life and trying to figure why no one understand and why I can't find anyone to help us while I was working.

I miss my grandma, I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss my job now, I miss a clean HABITABLE place to live and sleep, and I miss ME!

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I moved in with my father in Feb of 2011. We lived well and clean then all of a sudden my father began finding bedbugs in his room about 3 weeks ago. Eventually they spread into the living room and into my bedroom. We thought it had come from some one visiting us and we felt terrible. We threw out our couch as they began colonizing in there. Thinking that along with some self applied sprays that this took care of the matter, we were sorely mistaking.

Apparently 7 other units have been affecte

d by this, some of which are no where near our unit. The management company is blaming us for the infestation but after educating myself on the matter I feel that they are in the walls, literally coming out of the wood work, switch plates, electrical outlets, and most likely the vents. We do not have GENERATIONS of them as one would see normaly at the root of the colony(ies) all we see are adults and they are all coming from the same back wall that runs along our entire apartment.

The management company, Ming Management out of Redondo Beach, is now trying to make us sign a paper saying that we were the scource of this problem and that WE have to pay for the extermination. I am assuming that they are telling all the other affected apartments the same thing.

Again the problem is bigger than they realize I believe. They are doing a unit by unit treatment when the infestation is most likely in the walls and insulation, a perfect breeding ground for them.

We are not signing those papers and will be vacating the premisis as soon as we find a new place to live. But in the meantime we need help dealing with this management company and proving that the infestation is THEIR problem not the tennants. Yes some one brought them in at one point obviosuly but there is NOW WAY to tell with bedbugs who brought them and/or where they came from. That is the nature of the beast apparently.

I also saw online at multiple apartment searches that they are still trying to rent out units. Also they have issued no warnings to the unaffected units as of yet. This is not a unit by unit problem. This is a BUILDING problem and its NO ONES FAULT!!!


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