1732 Ximeno Ave
Long Beach, CA 90815-3714

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January 31, 2011. Dark stains found on seam of mattress and along base of box spring. During the course of the night, the bedroom light was turned on to find 6 bugs crawling on top of the mattress near myself and 1 on my son's face. My wife and I quickly killed the bugs. Went downstairs to get on the internet and get some info. We determined based on the coloration of the mattress/box spring, the appearance of the bugs, and the fact that for 2-3 months my wife and daughter had been sufferin

g from severe itching/rash that the bugs were in fact bed bugs. We informed the leasing staff for the property, she alread knew the complex had reports of bed bugs. treatment was scheduled. The story is long and frustrating. Needless to say the property has bed bugs, has had bed bugs for some time, the management/leasing staff are aware and continue to do nothing. we paid for our final two months of rent because we were not released from our lease. Dispite our not living there for those two months. Crossings at the Bay Long Beach, CA has a bed bug problem that is growing.

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