641 Vernon Ave
Venice, CA 90291-2736

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Unit #4 in this building has bedbugs. I am fairly certain that they are living in the vicinity of the wall in the back bedroom closet They first appeared prior to October of 2010 and the owner said he would tent the building because there was termites. I tried to explain the type of issue bedbugs was so he was aware and he did no research whatsoever and hired a company that said they'd treat for bedbugs specially along with the heat tenting for termites but didn't do anything extra, no mattre

sses in the unit were moved to treat them between the mattress and boxspring, no furniture was adjusted to treat in special areas, etc.

Ultimately 2 months later the bedbugs appeared again. The owner who is incredibly nasty in regards to any request needed when I sent him an email that the issue had resurfaced blamed me and said it was my fault in all caps and that I was responsible to pay for it. When I refused he made up a story that he had spoken to the rent stabilization department and two lawyers and that they said he had gone "above and beyond" when he tented the building. I contacted the rent stabilization board directly and they said that not only was it a heath code issue regardless, that it was a landlord's responsibility to "eradicate" the problem, not just treat it once. Additionally I spoke with two lawyers, one who specializes in bedbug litigation and she especially said that they needed to treat multiple times to get rid of the problem and that one time wouldn't eradicate it so he never treated it properly to get rid of the issue in the first place which I had suspected.

I ended up deciding my only option was moving which I did and did a ton of preparation to not bring the infestation with me. This included bringing in a haul away company to get rid of my dresser, couch, coffee table, and bed. When they did the haul away and dismantled the bed there were no bedbugs or residue prominent in the bed, leading me to suspect even further that this was certainly in issue living in the walls in his building. Additionally, the building across the street has been tented and the building next to that one about a month before I moved out had their tenants leave with all the furniture left out and dismantled in the way that normally someone will dismantle mattresses, beds, etc when bedbugs are a problem. I wasn't sure if the street may be starting to experience an infestation or what was going on but between the landlord's nastiness, way overpriced unit, his refusal to properly take care of the problem, and the stress the issue itself caused me, not to mention the thousands of dollars in damaged furniture and possessions that I'll never get back I just wanted out.

Really rent from this guy and in this building at your own risk, he's also upped the rent $125.00 more for the unit now than it had been. So you'd now be paying even more just to get bedbugs most likely.

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