11410 Hawthorne Blvd, Rm 419
Hawthorne, CA 90250

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Also saw huge roach, approx four inches in length, scuttle under bathtub caulking...told mgr and was told, "these are water roaches...it is so hot, they are looking for water" as though it happened all the time and was of no issue. This thing was the size of my contact lense case and then some!?! I scooped it into a big gulp cup and its shadow stretched completely across the bottom of the cup. That's Candlewood Suites for ya. Staying in one in Denver that is not much better, but so far, no bb's.

They allow the weekender's there, as well, even though I am a platinum member and have complained about migraines from marijuana smoke at least four times since staying there beginning in April. Stay away from Candlewood...just my opinion/experience.

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Lived as extended stay guest at this location for exactly thirty one days. Put clothing jewelry bags etc in drawers and luggage on carpeted floor. After roughly three weeks, started getting mosquito bites in a.m. Then noticed blood stains on sheets. Did not know for sure until leaving to Nevada and being diagnosed by doctor. This hotel has many 'weekenders' who live on the street and come in to do drugs on the weekends in a room. Also has international guests which may be carrying bugs. In an im

poverished area..Hotel used to be old,old place..the Cockatiel Inn...looks like has had several infestations. Saw new pillows wrapped in plastic being brought in day before I left. Guests were never notified as to why, I was not offered a new pillow.

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