1963 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90068-3852

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I lived at that property in the early 2000s and wow, it was totally infested. When I first moved in, I could not even turn the light off, as a marauder of roaches crawled out. One time I turned the lights on as I felt little things falling on my bed to find at least 40 to 50 roached on my ceiling. (Not joking). We used to call El Padre Apartment "The place where even the strong falls". I believe I was the only one on my floor that was not addicted to crack. Worst place ever!

round two. here's the deal. after my problems with them from a couple of months ago, i found out that a few other people on my floor had EPIC bedbug problems that they were in denial about. one person here even puts DE in front of her door to make it look like she doesn't want to get them but i heard that she actually has a major infestation and doesn't want them to get out (she doesn't want to have to treat her apartment). basically, this whole building is infested and disgusting with people li

ving in it that have horrible hygiene habits which are no doubt contributing to the problem.
long story short - after the treatment i was still seeing them. then they treated all the units and now i'm really seeing them a lot. been sleeping on the floor for 2 months and i'm giving my notice.

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This building is infested.

Well, I've found bed bugs in my apartment. On my bed. On my wall. I'd heard after moving in that there were bed bugs here. Before moving in I had never even heard of them in any real sense. So now I'm waiting to have them exterminated. Total nightmare. This building, I found out has had a history of them. It's really a drag.

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