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So new everything and new management! New issues and its a cool place to live with all my utility's taken care of! Nice new kitchen and wood floors also!

Wow, I'm soo happy with this place. I love you and your new chandeer, what class. Thank you soo much for all the upgrades and cleaning up this beautiful building!!!!!!!!!

Was just there! New Management, New people, New everything and even NEW floors. Problem solved. They went through this building with special type of dogs that find bed bugs and they just cleared out the whole issue. FINALLY! So now, anyway, these new owners fixed up the building, and I mean, MAJOR fixed up with like a new CHANDELEER in the Lobby and stuff like that. Cool.

going crazy at the roxy, 4 real, when will it end?, no one is taking it seriously enough.i have lost wieght, sleep, and maybe my job. building needs 2 b evacuated,i think the problem is that bad, grosses me out 2 think about it.embarresed,crying, so fucking sick of talking about it,or solutions.hopefully god will answer my prayers, and make me free of bedbugs.do not move in2 the roxy.


I live on the forth floor of the Roxy and I moved here about a year ago. I was pretty happy because my unit was completely brand new, with appliances, bathroom etc. I would say about few months ago I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling something crawling on me and i brush it off thinking nothing of it but that all change when I slept one night sort half a sleep and felt something crawl across my face YES across my face and I turned on the light and found this bug, it wa

sn't a roach but something else wasn't sure but i was still very disgusted by the whole experience of having something that i dont know crawl across my face.

I finally started to see more and thats where i just went crazy knowing this nasty bug was sucking all the blood it desired as if i was a giant buffet, I had BED BUGS!! I contacted management and they seem to just sit there and do nothing about it. What exactly do they do in that office, I have no idea but no one seem to be in there half the time and there business hours are posted on the door open monday through sunday 9am to 6pm and they also never answer there phones! What the hell, I pay my rent on time and they are quick to cash my check. Yet they dont do diddlie squat!!

They take forever to get back to me except for Nathan, he is really good at returning my emails and getting the situation rectified as much as possible. I was contacted (not nathan) to have my unit fumigated after more then a week after i report the problems. It took more then a week for them to get back to me about this problem, ahh i think i need a blood transfusion here, now.

I am in a situation where I can't just get up and move out, do to finances. I bought sprays and had to throw away all my pillows and cushions.

I am getting really fed up with this and nothing seems to work in this F**king building. Time to contact the the corporate office of Winthrope (http://www.winthropmanagement.com/contact)
and the city (LA Housing Dept) or call 311 to report this infestation.

You know what really also bothers me is the fact that they knew they had a bad infestation of BED BUGS but yet they never even mentioned it to me or anyone else, of course not, right. I see new people moving in and I am just bothered by the action this landlord and management, its unbelievable.

Good nite and dont let the bed bugs bite, SERIOUSLY!! UGH..

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2-18-11 wow so this explain the bites and itching at nite. waking up in the morning wit bumps wondering where they come from and the answer bed bugs. not to mention having to go get maintaince for the ceiling caving in several times in the bathroom due to leaks not being properly fixed.the mangement does seem to be to concerned with these issues but they want their rent every month and on time at that.

So everyone that lives here health is at risk and its nothing that th

ey are doing about it.I have had problems with mold in my apartment,telling mangement abt the occuring headaches that i have been having. What have they done about this problem nothing at all. I am definely leaning towards filing a law suit because when i moved here there was no mention of any bed bugs or any oyher problems for that matter.So what does that tell u about this mangement? Something needs to be done about this before someone gets seriosly sick or have a bad reaction to these bed bugs.. i have literally had 2 get maintaince to come up to tha 3rd floor every other month and the problem still exist.

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this report couldnt be more true me and my boyfriend have been living at the roxy apartments for six months now after watever they sprayed wore off after the first month we were getting bit like we were the best tasting thing since fried chicken i didnt sleep for months i was constently stressed and crying the only thing was i thought we were alone we wanted to write letters and report this to the apartment managers but theres so many of them you dont know whose running what and wat ITT Tech th

ey got there degrees from so we just spent our hard earned money buying sprays and everything we could just to cope but still for months got bit we even had to buy a completly new bed if anybody is willing to potision and go furthur with a lawsuit on this company please come forward with your information.

the couple on the second floor!

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Only heat works.
Top Dog Pest Control (1 888 407 3071) is the only company in LA that uses detection dogs and heat systems to perform remediations.

Yep, the bedbugs have arrived on the 3rd floor. I heard about the infestations on the lower floors and hoped it wouldn't happen to me but of course it did. This is a terrible apartment with every problem imaginable. After getting bitten for a few weeks I finally found some bed bugs behind a wall frame. But after eliminating those, the problem remains.

Aaaaand what to say about this completely irresponsible management company and owner. Lets see:

• failed to mention that the ENTIRE FOUNDATION is infested with bed bugs
• failed to mention that some lady on the first floor was running a street cart business out of her apartment, cooking large quantities of meat - which was CRAWLING with roaches and smelled HORRIFIC as it sat there and rotted
• failed to communicate with multiple tenants (yes, we're all dealing with this to

gether) when we called, emailed, left letters and even WENT DOWN TO CONFRONT THEM. "Oh sorry, the manager you need to talk to is at lunch." Convenient.
• sent in some random dude who was an "exterminator" with no credentials who completely exacerbated the problem, not fixed it
• failed to do ANYTHING that a NORMAL AND RESPONSIBLE management company would be expected to do.

Seriously, some lady just moved into the first floor last week and saw us moving out. She asked, "why are you leaving?" Of course, the answer was: bedbugs. She got this horrified look like, "Oh crap, I just gave them two months worth of rent and they didn't tell me there were bedbugs in here?!"

Yeah. Don't live here.

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The bed bug, roach and flea infestation went on for about 6 months. They had a "exterminator" come in and treat the place 3 times. We did everything he said including things people recommended online. We pretty much kept losing everything we brought into the apartment, including furniture and a mattress. I had to go see the doctor a few times because some of my bites ended up getting infected. Who ever manages this building doesnt get back to you when you are trying to resolve this never ending

issue. Theres been other people the building with similar stories. I believe some of them maybe going as far as making a lawsuit out of it.
What ever you do, please stay as far from this building as possible... Management seems to refuse to solve the issue. I literally havent slept in months.
As a bonus for people to understand how difficult it is to sleep here, I would wear jeans, long socks that i would tuck my jeans into, a longsleave shirt and sweater. TO top it all off, i would sleep with the lamp on me the entire night on a inflatable mattress. After all of this, i would at least get bitten 6 times.

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HUGE bedbug infestation at least on ground floor and second floor. Not certain about 3rd and 4th floor. Every neighbor I have run into complains about bed bugs and roaches. I am finding that landlords are not even alerting new tenants of the infestation before signing lease agreements. Be careful and stay away from these apartments. Landlords are horrible at responding to tenants' needs surrounding the issue and do not communicate well. Pest control company hired by these apartments isn't even a

company - it's just a guy who looks like he walked in from the street carrying a spray can that can be easily bought from Home Depot.

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