447 S Grand View St
Los Angeles, CA 90057-2806

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I discuss the problem of the unit with the manager, I ask her when the problem can be resolved? She said I don't know. She said I don't know everything. I surprice that manager said like this , if she does not know the time frame she should said let me check for you and I will give you the answer. The customer service is very unsatisfied.

She does not want to tell the cooperate telephone number or her boss number, proberbly afraid that people will file complain.

If you want to live in th

e apartment that manager does not care about you and your satisfaction, this is the right place.

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Lived here for about a year. In the summer months about July I got bedbugs. Saw them with my eyes, also woke up covered in bites. Lines of 4-5 dots in a row just like every resource I looked up said... Management would not admit I had a problem unless I brought them a bedbug corpse. Ridiculous. I began getting swollen and itchy as a result of the bugs numbing agent, my landlady said I was probably allergic to something I ate. I literally showed them the bites and they said it could be any number

of insects. Anyway after they were a full blown infestation (in every crack of my mattress) they could not deny it and let me out of my lease. That was nice of them, at least.

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I moved into this building and within a couple of weeks me and my girlfriend were covered with bedbug bites. before I stumbled across this website I was already positive that the building was infected with bed bugs. I feel like im living in a nightmare, the management denies that there is a problem, ive asked to be let out of the lease, but they wont allow that.

I live at 447 S. Grand View St. and recently saw the largest cockroach I've ever seen in my life. Not exactly a bedbug, but still indicative of infestation in general.

Recently, the building was scouted by an investor bank. The next day there was a posting on my door asking if we wanted to fumigate. I don't know if there was a correlation.

Further, there was a snafu in my billing one day, and the manager said it was okay. A few days later I filled out a survey saying there were bugs i

n the building. The next day I got a letter saying that the snafu was in fact reinstated.

Don't live here. It's horrid.

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I was over at my friends house in this building and in less than 2 minutes I had developed this string of bites on my arm that I had set on the arm of his couch. It's bed bugs and they're bad. He didn't know what it was. He said that he asked the people when he moved in if they had any pest problems, and they said, "nope not a problem here." I told him that they lied to him. I'm sure he figured that out when he found out that everyone had complained to the management before time and time again.

I started getting bed bug bites as soon as I moved in and the Managers pretend that they don't know about the bugs. I have been so bit up that my
ankles got infected and I went to the emergency hospital twice. The spraying does not work, the
building needs drastic measures like maybe tenting the whole building. I have spoken to most of the tenants in this building and their other ones where the management is at 427 and 425. People have to throw out their furniture from the infestation and

they put signs on the furniture saying they had to
throw the stuff out because of the bed bugs.
I was diagnosed with cellulitis and possible edema
because of the swelling from the infection from the bites. There are also spiders and roaches. The manager tells us that we should keep washing and dry cleaning all our stuff which would never stop and cost more money than any of us could afford and since the bugs never go away, that would be useless.
I had the health dept come out and he sited the
buillding to do something but they haven't and now
they have a meeting at the Health Dept,
at 3530 Wilshire Blvd 9th Floor.

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I've lived here for over a year and have had a bed bug problem from the beginning. I was never told about this before signing my lease, and when I moved in I had no idea what was going on.

Although management will have exterminators spray the apartment upon request, they only spray once unless you keep insisting the exterminators return, and even then they sometimes "forget" to spray my apartment.

The problem is severe. All my furniture is infested and sleep is difficult. I person

ally kill about ten bed bugs per day, but that is just a drop in the bucket. I will be moving soon. I'm sure I'll lose my deposit because I'm leaving my couch and my wall is stained with crushed bed bugs.

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