425 S Grand View St
Los Angeles, CA 90057-2801

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I just moved into 425 grandview 5 days ago and on my first night i came face to face with two of the biggest cockroaches i have every seen in my life. There have been at least 2 every night since then. Now i learn this building is infested with bedbugs. Looks like i wont be doing any laundry here. I hate this building don't move here.


I wish I had googled this apartment before signing my lease or at least new that this site existed. I moved into the apartment on 4/10/15 and have been bitten several times including my first night here. Know your rights! There are plenty of lawyers who will help you! In the meantime sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth throughout your apartment and into your light sockets yourself. The manager will "treat" your apartment over & over again but this just pushes them through different floors.

The powder gets stuck to their bodies and kills them. Spray makes them run and hide. Suggest to all your surrounding neighbors the same. Also call the health department!!!!!
Please don't move in but if your locked in like many of us here, you know some steps to take. I wish you well on your journey.

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Moved in here early October and started to get bites 2 days later, all over my arms. At first I thought it might have been mosquito bits but the patterns and consistency was different. I didn't realize they were bed bugs until I saw one for myself. Now that I have seen this has been ongoing issue for many years, it's disgusting to think they would not have treated this place properly by now, or at least knocked the whole damn building. There is a major infestation here, health authorit

ies need to do something about it, and it will only get worse throught the neighborhood. Will. We legally breakin my lease, they haven't don't anything about it in the past and certainly don't expect them to now. DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!

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BED BUGS LIVE HERE!!! I recently found bud bugs living in the walls of this building. They migrated down from the apt upstairs thru the cable installation panel. Ironically enough, the apt manager had pest control visiting that day. They covered any openings and sprayed the area infested, but I'm still concerned for future outbreaks. DO NOT MOVE HERE AT ANY COST !!! Save yourself from the horrible experience and keep looking!!

This building is old and disgusting, the management sucks and the mantenance can only do so much to fix a sinking ship. There are all kinds of bugs in this building not just bed bugs, but roaches, centipedes, spiders and many other ghastly creatures, although i didnt see any rats inside.

When i first moved in, the management was decent but it slowly got worse and worse. I would encourage everyone who posted here to also post your frustrations with this property on CL where they frequently a

dvertise to warn potential renters of the problems.

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YEEESS! 425 is infested and management has the nerve to imply that I brought the bugs. Well, being that I've just moved in this past June and all these complaints are spanning years prior....I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT! I dont know if they're just used to dealing with illegal aliens who "have" to put up with this but I'm a born and raised American Citizen who served my country for eight years...These cats got a fight on their hands...I AM GETTING OUT OF MY LEASE LEGALLY!!!!!



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These apartments have MAJOR bedbugs...don't live here!Avoid at all costs.

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