148 S Occidental Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057-1202

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I have resided at this address for over 30 years and recently discovered I was waking up with many red spots on my feet and lower legs. I actually thought I was having Chickenpox or the measles. But after some research I discovered my bedroom was infested with bed bugs. I discarded my bed including mattress, box springs, all bedding sheets and blankets, etc. I then bought at Home Depot a product called Hot Shot Fogger with the claim it will kill bb's. The first fogging (7/16/10)seemed to wo

rk but after just 2 days I discovered several live bb's on my bed. I did a second fogging yesterday (7/18/10)and already discovered two more live bugs on 7/19/10.
I will probably have to get professional help to exterminate the pest.

I have no idea where the bb's are hiding so I have requested that the LL remove the shag carpet in the bedroom and replace it with a laminate fake wood floor. He promised to do so. If this does not eliminate the problem I will request a professional extermination. If all this fails I will vacate the building.

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