550 S Barrington Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90049-4304

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My unit was infested with bed bugs from the unit next door in September 2011. This is an apartment complex with 150+ units in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Very expensive and markets itself as being a "luxury community". The management company was extremely unapologetic and difficult. Three units including mine were treated, but they never notified any other units because they didn't want to create a panic. They never offered alternative housing or rent reduction for hotel stay

during the extermination process. I had to threaten legal action to break my month to month lease without 30 days notice. I filed a complaint with the West LA Housing Department and the LA Health Department. The West LA Housing Department told me that my apartment complex had broken many housing codes and had many complaints already on file. In fact, there was an inspector from the city out at my apartment complex the very same day I filed my complaint! I moved out immediately after the extermination, but the entire experience has severely traumatized me for life.

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