11734 Bellagio Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90049-2115
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Here is my encounter. I wonder if you will publish it or if you only publish complaints. I have managed this property for five years and never received a complaint of bed bugs. It would appear to me that anyone can post anything here and facts are not verified.

Kept getting mysterious "spider bites" on my hands, then on other parts of my body. Soon realized these were not spider bites, but bed bugs. I actually found and killed a bed bug that had just gorged itself over night. I showed the bug to the property manager and he reported it to the leasing office, but they told me this was my problem and I was responsible for dealing with it myself! Wrong! I ended up moving away from there and took extreme precaution in sterilizing everything before I took i

t out of the apartment. I've been living in my current place for over a year and no bites, so I got away clean. But renters at 11734 Bellagio Rd, beware!

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