706 N St Andrews Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90038-4111

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I just moved out of this building. We first discovered the infestation a month or so ago, and while I was away they came and sprayed, but the paperwork they gave us was for cockroaches, and from what my boyfriend told me (they sprayed inside the cupboards and under the sink), it sounded like that's what they sprayed for instead of bed bugs (most of the research i've done says they will spray the seams of the mattresses, since that's where they live... duh). when we mentioned it to the manager,

he said no, they were spraying for bed bugs, but since they were still there, he provided us with some kind of spray from the hardware store that wasn't very effective and no one ever came back to treat the mattress. I was only there for a month and a half, but in that time i saw no less than three mattresses put out for the trash. We trashed our box spring mattress as well and moved out.

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I lived in this building for a year and a half, on the third floor. I was actually surprised at not having seen ANY bugs for quite sometime after moving in, I assumed there might be some problems because the building is obviously quite old and not well kept.

One day I noticed a neighbor on the first floor throwing out all of the bedding in his apartment. He stopped me and went to town about the bed bugs and how he had tried everything to get rid of them but could not. He threw out ALL of his

furniture, broke his lease, filed a complaint and reported the building to the health department.

At the time I still did not have a problem, which I attribute partly to living on the top floor. But it didn't take long before the bugs moved into my apartment.

IT WAS AWFUL! They infested my sofa bed, I couln't sleep, I would find them crawling on me or wake up from the pain of being bitten. Some mornings I would wake up and there would be trails of swolen bite marks, it was disgusting. My ankles and legs swole up too, which I also attribute to the bugs. They never sprayed or did anything. I personally did EVERYTHING I COULD to get rid of them, but to no avail.


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