5930 Barton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3008

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I recently to this location. After a few days I met one of my neighbors and she mentioned that they had a problem with bed bugs last year. Two weeks passed and I noticed my first live bed bug on the wall. I then started seeing a few dead ones here and there. I went ahead today and bought bed bug protectors for my mattress, box-spring and pillows. I am not sure what to do with my couch yet. I also bought Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray and after spraying down all of the corners, baseboards and arou

nd the bed it seems to have made the problem worse. For now they seem to be attracted to the scent of my fear. I was just bitten while wearing my slippers and saw a lot of blood in my shoe with my mini vampire still attacthed to the fabric. I am unable to sleep and am freaking out. I have never had a problem with bed bugs before. I was at my last apartment for four years. I need my sleep!!!

I informed the apartment manager on Saturday and she said they will send the exterminator out today and will later bomb the apartment themselves. I never would have moved here if I had prior knowledge of this problem. I want to move but don't want to infest another place. Plus, I am scared to have anyone over and am petrified to spend the night at a friend's place.

I want to contact the LA Housing authority to have a proper inspection and want to know more about my legal rights as a tenant.

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I'm not sure if I brought them from Vegas or it was a coincidence that they were in the building. This started in December. My landlord finally got an exterminater in January and they did come for around 6 months. I thought we had gotten rid of them by June. Well I have them again.(All that hard work!).
So I don't know what to do now????

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