5640 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038-2904

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July 2010- Dec 2012
The above dates was my time spent at the Harvey apartments. My apartment had bed bugs the entire time. I had my place bombed for bed bugs at LEAST five times. The Harvey apartments is BAD NEWS. Unfortunately I was in a tight spot and moved in out of convenience. At the time I just thought it was a shitty building with some low life residents but I did NOT know it was infested with bed bugs. I am a student with little income and stayed at my residence out of convenience and l

aziness which I regret now. I'm pretty sure I accidentally spread bed bugs to a friend as well and that has me feeling pretty shitty. The clerks in the office are good people but the company they work for are SLUMLORDS. Unless you are a prostitute and/or addicted to meth and don't care about your quality of life I strongly suggest staying as far away as you can from the HARVEY APARTMENTS 5640 Santa Monica blvd Los Angeles CA 90038

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I have lived at the Harvey since LATE DECEMBER 2010.. Just after the Chasen shooting mess. The place has been infested since 2004,this info was shared with me last night by a former tenant who was insulted and intimidated by management. I moved from a small which had to mediunm in April 2012. I was infested and forced to dipose of 2 beds within months time(management had maintainenve WRAP and TOSS)... I am bitten every night.. but still sleep with the lights on in an attempt to lessen the amoun

t of "breakfast lunch and dinner" wounds inflicted by the VERMIN the mangaers do not seem to care about. I asked them to fumigate because the lame BUG BOMBS (4) had bugs runnung visibly upon my er-entry after 6 hour. (Jan, 10 2012) They have ORKIN coming but have refused to assist me in storage and my housing until the pesticides are diminished to a safe level for my re-entry, I am NOT alone in this mess the owner and mangaer HAVE ZERO regard for the health and well-being of their tenants...the very people who keep them comfortable BUT NOT HERE...

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Yes I am a resident here at the Harvey apartment complex (ex-hotel). WE HAVE HAD 6 DIFFERENT CASES OF BEDBUGS WITHIN OUR APARTMENT, AND MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN LOST WITHIN 3.5 TO 4 MONTHS!! The management does a very very awful job when it comes to care for the problem and doing something too solve the issue. They (the owner or management) will not place you into a hotel room or reimbuse you for items that you have had too throw out. They only want to place you into another apartment that has the sa

me issue, and has not been cleaned well. I have a 6 month old son that has been bitten and as well, his mother and I too. I would say that I have lost $1000.00 in this time frame with 3 beds, a baby crib and so forth. All they care about is raising your rent, and getting the rent money on time. With this many units in this building, and the owner lives in Beverly Hills with other property that is much more taken care of, you think he would do something about this issue with bedbugs and reimbusing individuals and families for some of their losts in property!! I WILL NOT BE LIVING HERE NEXT MUCH, AND WILL TAKE THIS ISSUE TOO COURT IN GETTING REIMBUSED FOR LOST ITEMS THAT WE NEED BADLY. IT'S SAD WHEN YOUR 6 MONTH OLD BABY HAS TO SLEEP ON THE FLOOR!!!!

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This apartment complex has a very big issue with bedbugs and it is a continuing issue. They do not clean the vacant apartments like they should and when you inform them of this issue, they want too put you into another apartment that has the same issues. They refuse to reimbuse you for lose issues or place you into a hotel room for a 2 hour period.

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