1229 N Sycamore Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038-1005

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Management is legally required to disclose prior bedbug infestations. If you really want to know whether this building has had bedbugs, feel free to come and ask us. We will gladly confirm there are no bedbugs at this building.

Regarding the post below:
Apartment 110 has been occupied for many years without complaint. This site is also an unofficial, user-contributed site and no one is going to jail because of postings here, despite what some people may (apparently) think.

Apartment 110 infested with bedbugs
There were several bugs spotted in rear bedroom nearest all the construction. Abe lied to my face and told me they were not bedbugs but he would have sergey come and spray for bugs.

Damn right you will Abe because I just turned your ass in. You should be in jail

The "incident" written about on 3/28 was reported to management on that date. The tenant had not previously complained about bedbugs. A treatment was scheduled IMMEDIATELY. The technician just reported to us minutes ago (3/30 - 2 days after complaint was filed) that there are not bedbugs in the apartment. This building does not have bedbugs.

I found bed bugs in my apartment on the 3rd floor. I also had to take care of the problem myself. The management is not very good... Bedbugs look like small roaches so maybe they don't believe that we have them!

Place still doesn't have bed bugs and hasn't for at least the two years I've been here

Lived in this place before. Totally infested and the manager Abe does nothing..

The report from 11/4/11 is a lie. There is a disgruntled tenant who would have everyone believe the building is uninhabitable. No one has reported bedbugs in the 2 years I have been here.

Bedbugs on the forth floor. Landlord does not respond to my emails about this very serious health issue on two floors. Will have to all the health department.

Bed bugs on the 2nd floor. Complained to management with no response. Been taking care of the problem myself. Seems to be doing the trick...but the management sucks at HMMY properties...

Caught a sighting of some on the 4th floor. I bought a kit to take care of them in my apartment since the management has not responded since I mentioned it. Apparently it's not an infestation and doesn't require any action from them... Absurd.

Bed bugs in the building. Have been reported to Landlord. Apparantly, they have been found on 3 of the 4 floors there. Management is very slow to respond.

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