510 S Burnside Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3994

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Please contact My Bed Bug Lawyer at 1-855-4-BUG-LAW or mybedbuglawyer.com , immediately. We have important information for you.

we live at 510 s. burnside ave (ground floor). we moved in 4 months ago and immediately had flea infestation. after getting treated, one month ago we discovered bed bugs. we've hade 3 treatments past month on consecutive mondays and bugs still persist. we are planning on joining class action lawsuit as many tenants have complained about bug problem.

apparently, there is an attorney by the name of Mr. Jirag who is representing lawsuit. his number is 818-907-5333

Tons of bedbugs in the towers of park labrea..

It is March 7, 2012. I live at 510 S Burnside on the 8th floor. There are bedbug infestations in several apartments near me and I am planning on moving. There are also bedbugs on several other floors in the building. I love Park La Brea but I don't want to have my possessions infested and then take them with me to my next apartment. BEWARE OF BEDBUGS IN PARK LA BREA.

We had bed bugs for a few months now. After several pesticide treatments we still have them. The treatments work (we find a lot of dead bugs) but they are coming from neighbors and Park La Brea is not willing to inspect units around us. Sections of the whole tower are infested; people frequently dispose of furniture that has "bed bugs" written on it and the "Round The Clock Pest Control" trucks are constantly seen in front of our tower. We are moving out but god help people who are staying here.

Without systematic approach to bed bug extermination, it is only a matter of time before the whole tower is infested.

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Yes, definitely think twice about moving here. Great location but the general incompetence exhibited by a number of staff, as well as their failure to act when situations arise, is astounding. We reported a bedbug problem - pictures of bites and bedbugs caught - and was told what we had was a cockroach. Previously, it had been suggested I had been bitten by dust mites. When exterminators came by to inspect our most current sample - after three weeks of non-treatment had elapsed - they determined

it was a bedbug and that treatment would be needed in our unit.

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Starting in July/August, we were bitten by bed bugs. We caught a few. This is in addition to cockroach problem that the management can't do anything about (because they are all over the building and once killed in our apt, come back from other apartments). We are trying containment measures: double-sided tape on bed's legs, moving the bed away from walls, mattress covers and soon diatomatious earth. Very annoying!

We have had bed bug problems for a few months now. First it started off as our family getting bit during night times, which caused swelling and itching - at one point it turned into a severe infection so we had to see the doctors. After receiving treatments the bugs still came back. We went around to ask our neighbors and they told us that they had the same problem, and have received treatments in the past. Some still have them, some don't. We see mattresses being disposed in the basement q

uite frequently. We could feel that the management is definitely trying to 'hush hush' the situation so that it doesn't affect future residents.. very typical of Park La Brea. They have admitted that there is a wide-spread of bed bugs in this tower so if you are thinking of moving here, please think twice. These bugs cause infections, distractions and insomnia. They can potentially ruin your life. If you are considering moving here, please think twice.

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