520 S Burnside Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036-3993

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Ever since Park LaBrea began allowing tenants in the towers to have dogs, the bedbug and flea infestation has become uncontrollable. Around Thanksgiving, my roommate complained about bites on his lower legs and arms and we just thought it was some kind of an allergy. Then we saw two bugs on the bed and immediately sprayed the whole unit. When I went down to the basement to throw away my matress pad, there were several bed pillows and comforters thrown in the bins, and a can of bedbug spray wa

s left on the floor. I purchased several cans of spray and the vinyl matress protectors online and think my problem is under control after two months of hell. When riding the elevator, I notice bites and red welts on many of my neighbors, but it's almost like everyone is too ashamed to talk about it. But I heard a woman from the floor below me yelling at her husband, saying, "We're getting outta here before the bugs take over!" I certainly don't discuss it with my neighbors. But I notice that the basement trash bins near the laundry room are overflowing with boxes and furnishings and stuff every day, unusual for anytime but the 1st or the 15th of each month when people are moving. We would move right away but our iron-clad lease has 7 months to go.

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