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I moved into unit 5 on the 13th of September. I always clean any place I live in but this was very bad. The walls were horribly dirty. Has not been painted in over 7 years or more.I vacumed the bed because it looked like it had black stuff all around the edges. I used a heavy duty Shop vac. It didn't do a very good job. I saw small and large bed bugs crawling on the mattress, box springs and the new sheets I had just put on that she provided. In fact I also put on my sheet on top of it with a fo

am bed topper. I woke up with welts and a ulgy bug in my bed. Upon further searching I found hundreds of them under the lip of the mattress. Please help I don't know what to do .She is claiming that it's me that brought them there. How can that happen in two days. Less since I told and showed her my welts the next evening. Now I'm covered with welts and went to the emergency room in Torrance where my son rented me a room at the Extended Stay(cheapest place I could find). But that will end tomorrow. WHat do I do.. where do I go.. All my clothes are now infected. I believe it's all over the house but she denies any other tenant complaining. What does that matter??? Everyone has different body chemistry. I'm at a loss and need help!

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