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We started getting mysterious bites about 2 months ago. Like many, we thought it was a spider or fleas, or an allergic reaction. We saw the poop stains on the sheets for a couple weeks but didn't know what they were, and it wasn't until we found the first bug a week and a half ago and identified it that we realized we had a bed bug infestation.

When we called the rental company for our apartment, they of course tried to blame us, but we found out that there has been at least one other insta

nce of bed bug infestation in the complex already (and we have a lot of shared areas - pools, workout rooms, rec rooms, etc.) At least they said they'd pay for the first round of exterminations.

When the exterminator came to inspect and asked a few questions, he said that it sounds very likely that they were brought in by a previous exterminator who treated our apartment for termites about a month before the bites started! He said it's common for exterminators to either not notice that they're bringing pests with them into other homes, or to see bed bugs but not mention it if they're not there specifically to treat them, and accidentally carry bugs or eggs out with them.

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