1317 Gabriel Garcia Marquez St
Los Angeles, CA 90033-2226

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started getting bit about two-three weeks ago as of 08/26/11 for some reason i thought they were ants because of how many i've killed on my mattress...and one night i woke up and saw blood on my wall. so then i started looking around my bed and there it was a bed bug no so big yet..i killed it and blood came out of it....i've been killing some recently especially last night i killed about 4....i don't know if they came from other apartment complexes or from my newborns crib. i'm living in an apa

rtment complex with carpet and i find it extremely hard to get rid of them...i'm panicking due to the fact that my baby is almost here and we won't be able to get rid of them by the time she arrives...i can't even sleep at night anymore...i'm so frustrated..i have bites all over my feet and arms .... and i don't know what to do.. ;/

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