4009 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3607

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Ok "Mel"

I live here, dummy. Get over it.

LOL @ Mel. Cmon.. That place will never be bug free.. with rent as low as 650. Cmon. You're probably the manager posing as a tenant LOL

I live here now. It's the middle of the hottest weeks this summer and there are hardly any bugs in this building of any kind. I've been living here a month and I love it. All families and smiles on every floor. If your apartment is clean you won't have any problems. And the management is kind and generous. No complaints at all so far.

Moved in and the manager, Richard Raya seemed like a cool guy, all smiles, polite, etc. Everything was going well for about a week and then I started noticing rashes and bumps all over my arms neck and legs. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the environment, so I ignored it. I kept getting new rashes every 2-3 days so I went online and researched what could be going on and boom. Begbugs. I looked in my mattress and found 25!!!!! Just in the mattress. Found some crawling in the cr

ack of the walls and floors and electrical outlets. This place IS NOT THE PLACE TO MOVE IF YOU ARE A US CITIZEN AND HAVE A DECENT PAYING JOB. There are bedbugs, roaches, and EVEN RATS!!!!!!!! My Neighbor above me kept stomping and making noise late at night and I got fed up one day and went up there. He told me he had rats and he was trying to get rid of them!!! The most unsanitary living space in LA is 4009 Melrose Ave. managed by Richard Raya and Orlando. There are neighbors playing loud music every morning and its right next to church bells, so you cant sleep in on Sundays. The sad part is, Richard is stuck in a rut because rent is so low, that he doesnt want to use money to get professional help from a licensed PCO. Instead, he hires his son and friends to act like they're really going to get rid of bedbugs. It's ridiculous. If I was Richard, I would tear the place down and rebuild. All in all, my point is DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!! CONSIDER THIS A WARNING!!!!!

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I was about to move into this apartment complex in August 2009 when I found about 15 bedbugs while cleaning it(the day before I was going to move my stuff in). When I looked around, I realized they were everywhere and canceled my move in. It looks like I was lucky to get my money back! This place is very infested!

The Bed Bug problem first came up after a tenant was served with eviction documents for non payment of rent. Eviction Judge requested a report from a Professional fumigation company and this was provided. The Judge ruled in favor of the landlord and tenant was evicted and now owes past due rents and court costs. Professional fumigation companies routinely check and service the units and guarantees their work.

I also used to live at this location. I had a very bad bed bug, roach and termite infestation and Mr Richard Reya the owner never did anything. He always came around with powder and bombs which made the problem worst. Also, he is a lier to the fullest. We actually went to court and he lied so bad. He submitted fake receipts saying that he did all this fumigation, when he never did anything about the problem. There is trash throughout the intire building on a regular basis. He also will enter you

r apartment without notice. I came home several times to find people in my apt. Once he was taking pictures of my apartment to post on craigslist because my apt was the cleanest in the building. He is a slumlord and will make your life miserable. I HAD TO THROW OUT EVERYTHING!!!! EVERYTHING It was the only way to be sure I left the critters behind!!! Please do your home work before living here Bedbugs actually bite and draw blood. They also leave very dark scars on your body. They can live up to a year without a meal. So moving sometimes makes things worst, because they will move with you. I wouldn't recommend this property for a terrorist; its that bad...

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did not give me my money back. Everyone here has it. Some just don\'t do anything about it, because they are sick of asking or too poor to move out. Avoid this place, unless you want to live a nightmare. Class action about to happen.

I wrote earlier after speaking with Legal Counsel. I asked an employee if they were aware if this was a problem prior to me moving in and it was acknowledged. I also have hard evidence and testimonials from neighbors. Some are living with the problem, but do not how to take legal action. I want my money back and WILL GET IT. Otherwise, I will be glad to show everyone around me how a class action could help remedy their past and current bedbug woes.

I have given the landlord a warning and requested my money be returned so I can move out. I will provide further reports regarding the bed bud problem.

I also live in this building at 4009 Melrose Ave 90029. The owner is a complete slum. He refuses to send a professional company to take care of the bedbug, roaches and termites. I have complained to him several times. He has even accused me of bringing them to the building. I would not recommed renting at this building. It is very dirty and they never clean until they get complaints. Be very carefull...

Concerned resident

04/19/08 -- 4009 MELROSE AVE.

DO NOT RENT AT 4009 MELROSE AVE.--VENETIAN APARTMENTS! The Owner, Richard Raya, is a Slumlord and has been exploiting low-income families and is now evicting them to raise the rents. The building is extremely infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, termites and also mice. He does the minimal necessary, employing so-called "exterminators"--who are actually his own employees--to set off dollar-store bug bombs and put insecticide powders on the floor, which the healt

h department have said is actually hazardous to your health. His solution to the bedbug problem is to use a steamcleaner (not even a professional one), because he is too cheap to hire a professional exterminator and too cheap to reimburse people for their sofas and couches, which are heavily infested with bedbugs! What little he has done is only because I and several other tenants have repeatedly had to call the health department. One of the families in the building has gone through six mattresses and the children's bodies are covered in bedbug bites, some children as young a 2-yrs old! He clearly has no conscience whatsoever and blames the problem on people being messy, but it doesn't matter how clean you are when the ENTIRE BUILDING IS HEAVILY INFESTED!

When I moved in, the building manager told me the building didn't have any bugs or problems, but I found out very quickly that that wasn't the case (they very obviously knew about it for a long time) and I am forced to get rid of all of my two-year-old furniture (infested with bedbugs) and electronics (cockroaches), because I do not want to take them with me when I move. Although I am at an extreme financial loss, I consider myself lucky, because is not anything close to what the long-term tenants have had to put up with.

There is so much I could tell you about what awful things other tenants have gone through, but I do not want to risk their getting evicted, because many of them have lived here 10+ yrs and cannot afford to move, even though they live in these horrible conditions. Nobody deserves to live like this!

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