1025 N Serrano Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029-3211

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11/29/2012 apt 413. Started noticing a small black bug crawling on my night stand. Killed it and didn't think much of it. I Started feeling like something was crawling on me at night when I went to bed but couldn't figure out if I was losing my mind or what it was since I never encountered bed bugs before. I didn't show any outward physical signs of them at first and I never thought what I saw was a bed bugs BC I had been led to believe they were invisible from the human eye.. well they are plai

n as day...my sheets are ruined, the bed I bought when I moved here that was still in original wrapping when it was unloaded into my apartment is ruined after only 7 months. And I now have bites on my legs and arms and neck and an insane itching that drives me bats***t crazy. Don't ever move into this place....it has been a complete hassle to even get the landlord to get an exterminator in here and I sleep very speradically now BC I am always feeling them near and on me and when I notice the feeling I always notice a bed bug in that area where I am feeling violated. I have killed about 90 in the past two weeks and have become very refugee in my sleeping with no sheets and one small blanket. I can only pass out due to exhaustion now.

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I moved into apt # 410 in march 2010. I moved out mid June 2010 when i realized my brand new bed was infested with bed bugs. I told the landlord i was moving out and they said i was still responsible for the rent until my lease was up. DO NO TRUST THE LANDLORDS HERE. EL SERRANO APT IS NOT FOR YOU. Statewide, the company that owns the building put me into collections and I ended up bringing bed bugs to my Moms house. This whole bed bug nightmare has cost me thousands. do not live here they need t

o burn this building down.

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My boyfriend and I moved into this apartment about a year ago and for about 2 month we didnt notice anything. long story short we were attacked for about 8 months by these horrible creatures and told our building manager we had an infestation. She didnt seem to care and told us that she thought it was our issue..not the apartment. We had brought our new bed and headboard for our house with no prior bed bug problems. We ended up moving out a couple months ago and the new tenants moved in without

anyone fixing the problem. I cant even sleep at the new apartment because of fear of bed bugs.

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