1230 N Berendo St
Los Angeles, CA 90029-1602

Found 3 reports:

summer 2011 and I have never had bedbugs in my life, what a nightmare. The apartment manager sprayed but I still have the bedbugs. There aren't as many as the pictures I have seen on the internet. They mostly were hiding on the bottom of the box spring and wedged in the crack of a painting I have between the canvas and the frame.

I just moved in, in October 2010. This place is a roach infested NIGHTMARE! When I came to look at the place I saw no roaches and the minute I sign the lease I see them EVERYWHERE!!! I have started the process of documenting everything because this is disgusting. DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE...DO NOT EVEN LOOK HERE!!! Nobody deserves to live in a roach infested apartment. 11 months to go and Im NOT going to resign a lease here.

My body is being eaten alive by bedbugs. They seem to prey in the middle of the night. I'm really itchy. And don't get me started on the roaches.

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