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4. Sunday July 17, 2011was informed that some tenants had bed bugs. Checked my bed and found bed bugs. Did research on how to kill them as it was late and decided to wait until Monday morning to call William Holdings (http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Rid-of-Bed-Bugs) . Purchased rubbing alcohol, dismantled the bed and proceeded to clean and do laundry...again...until 2 AM. Total time and cost
5. Monday July 18th called William Holdings to inform of Bed Bugs. William Holdings came out to bomb the apa

rtment. Bed bugs were not killed by bombing and were still alive in the mattress, box spring, and bedroom. Called William Holdings to request that somebody remove the bed from my unit. Requested that baseboards be sealed was told that somebody would come out...nobody showed up. Called William Holdings to request that somebody come out prior to Thursday July 22nd when I was buying a bed so that the new bed would not get bed bugs.
6. Thursday July 22th. Purchased new bed. 255.00 dollars. Nobody showed up to seal baseboards. Called William Holdings again to request that somebody come out a seal the baseboards.
7. Tuesday July 23rdh. Found bed bugs in new bed called William Holdings to request, again, that my baseboards be sealed. Bedroom baseboards were sealed appointment was made for Thursday July 25th for living room to be done. Nobody showed up to do the living room. Called William Holdings at 7:30pm to complain again.
8. Monday August 1st. Pest Control came to do inspection found bed bugs on new bed...again.

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