1317 N Bronson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-8414

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Multi-unit building. On March 29, 2011 I sighted and killed a number of bedbugs in my apartment. In January of this year when checking on an elderly neighbor in another apartment in the building I discovered, by sight, hundreds if not thousands of bedbugs. That apartment has since been rented to another individual. It has also been brought to my attention that another elderly gentleman in the building has a current infestation of them. As the above tenant has stated beds and furniture will not

be taken when I move.

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The first encounter with numerous bed bugs biting both my boyfriend and I happened in October 2010. I called my landlord, reported the situation, and asked what could be done. They kicked me out of the apartment for a day, in which I had to take my 2 cats and iguana as well, and merely fogged the apartment. Upon my arrival I found more live bed bugs just walking around my apartment and was then bitten at night. They kicked me out a second time for 3 days, without providing a place to stay, l

uckily my boyfriend has his own place, and they sprayed only my apartment and not the whole building. The bugs seemed to disappear until now, February 22, 2011. I will be calling my landlord in the morning and asking for a rent reduction until this is somewhat stabilized. I realize the nature of bed bugs and that they are quite impossible to eradicate entirely, but I'm sick of being bit every night in new spots and being told "it's not that bad" from my landlord. When I finally move in June, when my lease is up, I may have to get rid of my bed and some furniture.

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