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I discovered marks on my legs and arms and thought OMG, fles, but then when to my local Home Depot to buy some plants for my apt and saw some Bed Bug spray. So I thought, "Um you think". I bought two cans and went home and checked my mattress and omg, I found bed bugs. There were not many but enough to make me freak out. I sprayed my room and started searching Bed Gugs in the internet and I had no idea how big of a problem I was looking at. I reported this to my manager and then a day later I st

arted noticing that the dumsters in the garage were starting to fill up with many mattesses so i decided to check them out and they were about ten times worst infestation then my bed. It was disgusting. I have asked my manager to look at them and he keeps denying that they are invested. I can never catch him in the office to show him. I DID TAKE PICTURES. This started over two 1/2 weeks ago. I am still waiting for someone to come out.

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