1837 Whitley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-4907

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I was a tenant at 1837 Whitley #213 and moved out last month. I have a saved voicemail from you staff (gus and Heidi) regarding the deposit you owe me. Tomorrow marks the 21 day mark where you are legally required to give me my deposit. At this point I will pursue my claim through small claims court. After researching various legal sites I realize I'm subject to further compensation if I don't receive your check by the 28th of this month. I look forward to that! I am also submitting a formal com

plaint to the BBB who was also CC'd when I submitted my notice to vacate. Furthermore I will post my experience with your company on every social media outlet

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i live here and i certainly don't have any bedbugs!

bed bugs all over

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