1830 N Cherokee Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-4708

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I have lived in this building for the past year and was thinking of moving until Mark arrived on the scene he has done so much to make this a better place to live. If he goes I'm sure there will be a lot of us who follow he's the best and I home the management company realizes what they have in him.

keep up the good work Mark and thanks again

In the past we have had bug issues...but i'm happy to say that since the arrival of the new manager Mark, this building has gone from gross to fabulous...I'm so happy to have Mark here because this building is now a beautiful and clean place to live...Thanks Mark...

New managers have moved into the building and already a great change is in the air. Mark one of the new managers came in last Thursday and all I've seen him do is work to clean the place up...he's painting, cutting trees and weeds as well as bushes.
He's been helping tenets to fill out work orders so that tenets can get problems in their apartment fixed. The energy in the building has completely changed.
I'm so happy The management company brought someone in that is willing to do t

he work and get this place fixed up.
He's promised changes and if his first week is any indication of his commentment to fixing years of frustration, for the first time in a long time I actually believe a change for the better is on the horizon.
Thanks Mark, looking forward to seeing you succeed...

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This building has been bed bug free for the past 6 months.
The new management company has been very pro-active in attacking this problem head on.

Not in Cali,but Denver.Bed bugs are everywhere.I only wish I knew where or how this happened.The bus,perhaps the bar I go to,its dark and warm in there.My job,are they there also ?I know one thing for sure.Once ya get them,your fucked they are with you forever.Moving does no good.Its so bad,I lose sleep and sit up at night.I sure wish I didnt have this crap where I live.

It is early June 2011, and the bedbugs have made their way to my apartment on the 5th floor. :( they are feasting on my legs, the little bastards... Management says that dogs will come this week to sniff them out and get rid of them... I sure hope they follow through... Management is terrible.. There are many problems in this building.. The hot water was shut off for 6 days recently.. Finally had to get a hotel room for a bight to get a hot shower. Unacceptable.., don't move here!!!

As of now this building still has BED BUGS!!! after two years. The management does nothing for this building unless they are forced too.

Inspected by the city a month ago and had over 150 code violations.

As of March 8th, 2008 the Health Department sited the Commodore for finding 1+ Bed Bugs on the second floor. Since then, and as of November 1st, 2009, there have still been bed bugs throughout the building. ISO-TECH pest management was contracted and brought dogs into the building to inspect each apartment. I've had a bed bug problem originally in November and Dec of 2008, It wasn't until March April that the mgmnt finally treated my unit and since then I haven't had any bites, but my neighbor h

ad them twice as well and my upstairs neighbor too then recently in Late october/November the dogs alerted that there were still bed Bugs in my unit and about a dozen other apartments. They are STILL HERE it'll be almost two years in March 2010. DO NOT LIVE AT 1830 NORTH CHEROKEE AVE HOLLYWOOD,CA!!

I've lived here for many many years and only in the past five years with new management has this building been mismanaged. You think Bed Bugs are the only issue, you'd be wrong. Cockroaches, Water Shut offs on a weekly basis, Elevator out every week, filthy carpeting and that's just the beginning...
Stay Away.

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This building should be shut down. I used to live here in early 08 and had to move out within two months due to the entire building being infested. I reported this place to the Health Dept. and I\'m guessing by previous posts nothing has since been done to correct the problem.

I moved out- put everything in storage and lived with my gf a few months before settling in a new place. Tips to killing bed bugs...get a steamer and steam everywhere, they can not survive heat. And my advice to anyone

living here is get out! I lost sleep, lost my bed, and lost money. throw out your bed and mattress or else they will continue to come back. This building should be condemned.

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There are bed bugs at this location among other pests. They were on the third floor which has since been sprayed, but who knows where else they are. There are alot of very dirty people that live in this building so trying to get rid of the problem is not very easy. This building is infested with cockroaches, and now bedbugs.

This property should be ashamed of themselves and the building should be torn down.

Bed bugs are in this building. I heard a couple months ago they were discovered on the 2nd floor. I found the information out from a tenant and had not been informed then or now any other way of their infestation. I heard they sprayed the 2nd floor only a couple months ago.

I've since learned that education and early detection is key. They will move from a treated area to an untreated area, so a five floor building like this is difficult to rid them,(especially if you only treat one

floor). Vacuuming daily and plastic encasing for bed & box spring is a good first step. They have moved beyond the 2nd floor. I've discovered them and am letting my building manager and property management company aware of the continued occupancy of these parasites. I'm only posting because silence is only making the problem worse and perpetuating the spread.

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