6759 Yucca St
Los Angeles, CA 90028-4606

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I lived in this building for several years, I had no problem at all. In fact the one that had that said he got a used mattress from a friend which has infested his apartment.
We - the tenants bring the bed bugs. me and my friends are careful so we have no problem at all.
I have seen the manager treating the apartments very thoroughly with professional chemicals that solved the problem.

Found bedbugs and kept them in a plastic bag to show the landlord. I was given some spray and asked not to tell other tenants. I had bites all-over my body and they were in EVERYTHING. The building was/is infested and I moved for my own health.

A lot of my neighbors talk about bed bugs. I personally don't have them in my apt but i have seen mattresses thrown out in the last 2 weeks. We just had our complex fogged for "preventative" treatment for bed bugs. Total lie. Foggers don't even get rid of beg bugs so you can tell how ignorant the landlord is. They decided to use 3x the amount of foggers you are supposed to so they ruinmed a lot of our stuff. Don't move here unless u like ignorant landlords that have no regard for your life and p


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