6759 Yucca St
Hollywood, CA 90028-4606

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Actually, bed bugs DO discriminate. Some people have no reaction at all unfortunately. Sounds like you have a reason to deny it...maybe you're the manager? Also, you really need to take an English class because your message is almost incomprehensible :)

I live in this building, with no problem at all. In fact the one that had that, said she was bitten and her boyfriend was NOT, Bed Bugs do not indiscriminate ! where else did she sleep? :)
Manager fumigated the apartment, and never had any problem.

Date of Incident: 02/14/2010, 3/24/10, 5/15/2010
Location: 6759 Yucca St Apt 5
Hollywood, CA 90028
Description of Incident: The first incident of bedbugs occurred before I moved in with the previous two tenants (next door and in my apt). Landlord exterminated with bedbug foggers, then had Orkin come in to say there were no signs of bedbugs once the previous tenant moved out. I move in without prior knowledge of the bedbug infestation. I was bit 14 days after move in. I had extreme swelling an

d a horrible reaction causing me fever and chills. Then I was bit at a later date, this time on my face, and then again on my chest. After $120 worth of doctor bills full of "no answers", I find out from my neighbors that the previous tenant had bedbugs. I caught two bugs, told the manager, they set off several bedbug foggers in the apt which seemed to solve the problem for a while. Then I see a week later that five other tenants in my building have thrown out their mattresses due to bedbugs. And another bed the subsequent week. I believe the entire apt bldg is infested and needs to be taken care of professionally. The landlord seems to think that the cheaper way is the best way to handle the situation, but with bedbugs (as I have researched) are not an easy parasite to get rid of. I moved into an apartment that was previously infested without prior knowledge. I want out of my lease, to move into a new place, the poison used has affected my health, and the bites have left dark brown spots on my body. I am an actress, and have been forced to miss three auditions due to the large-sized golfball bite under my chin. I have pictures to prove all of this. I am very upset. Another incident occurred after my apartment was bombed, and I was bit another three times. Stay away from these apartments if you can help it! It is very very miserable if you are hyper-allergic, as I am.

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There are bed bugs in my apartment, not sure why. Our land lord is chearp and refusing to pay for the cost of an exterminator.

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