1770 Orchid Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028-4303

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Hollywood Liberty Hotel:

Encounter was tonight - all week really, but i just wasn't aware of it.

The past week I've been waking up with bite marks on me, only I thought they were hives from something I ate.
Bed bugs crossed my mind this evening, so I looked up info online then searched the hotel bed.
When I looked in the seam of the box spring mattress near the headboard end- there they were hiding, about ten of them. Bed bugs! Never seen any in my life until tonight.

I used tweezers

to put them in a ziplock bag for showing the manager in the morning. Can't believe this place.
The hotel is full but they'd better move me to another room. Worst part is I have to sleep in this bed tonight. Hoping I caught and zip-locked all the bugs there were so I don't wake up with more red bites tomorrow morning.

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